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05 August 2022
Telecoms and Communications

Proximo Weekly: European FTTH deal flow burgeoning

Traditional infrastructure deals in Europe have been sporadic in the first half of 2022. But strong bank and investor appetite is keeping European project deal flow...

29 July 2022

Proximo Weekly: A wake up call for MDBs

The G20-mandated independent review of multilateral development banks’ (MDB) capital adequacy frameworks is out and has some key recommendations that could significantly...

16 June 2022
Oil & gas

Plaquemines LNG: Stepping on the gas

Speed and its modular LNG model are the hallmarks of Plaquemines LNG sponsor Venture Global. But at least some of its potential European offtaker customer base still...

27 May 2022

Proximo Weekly: Ain't no sunshine anymore

The US solar market should be an investment and lending no-brainer. But the combination of the Auxin tariff investigation and slow movement on new renewables credits...

29 April 2022

Proximo Weekly: Upscaling BESS and bankability

The scale of proposed battery energy storage system (BESS) projects in Australia is ballooning fast. But project lenders are still reticent about loosening their purse...

11 April 2022
Power, Renewables

Merchant risk and the energy transition: Tensions in the capital

Gordon Stewart and Tom Jamieson, partners in the London office of Bracewell, discuss the ever adapting financing structures funding the energy transition and some of the...

01 April 2022

Proximo Weekly: The slow drive to UK CCUS bankability

The UK government has released a list of projects that will progress to the evaluation stage for phase 2 of its first carbon cluster track. But according to advocates of...

25 March 2022
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Crunching the ECA numbers

With EPC and commodity costs rising globally, energy security concerns in Europe and parts of Asia lending added impetus to both short-term LNG and traditional renewables...

11 March 2022

Proximo Weekly: Green hydrogen just got more pricing friendly

The impact of the war in Ukraine on gas prices may cut years off of the gestation originally predicted for the development of a global green hydrogen market – and with...

04 March 2022

Proximo Weekly: DFI cooperation – a future casualty of war?

From the balance sheet to the boardroom, the implications for some DFIs and supranationals from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are more than just indirect hits from...

25 February 2022
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Will energy security accelerate transition?

Europe has had a wake-up call to energy security from President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine - a move that could and should spark the political will to radically...

26 January 2022

A balancing act: Merchant risk and the energy transition

Gordon Stewart and Tom Jamieson, London-based partners at Bracewell, discuss the evolving market for providing balancing services to electricity grids with merchant...

14 January 2022

Canal Sugar Company: On-lend to blend

The multi-currency financing for the Canal Sugar Project, a scheme that combines land reclamation for a farm roughly three times the size of Luxembourg with a beet...

15 December 2021

Allego: Plugging EV into project finance

Allego has pulled off a second EV charging project funding first and got better debt margins and tenor second time around. But don’t expect a rush of hungry project...

10 December 2021

Proximo Weekly: A liquid diet

The $1.2 trillion US Infrastructure Bill still leaves a major chasm to bridge between government funding availability and demand. Two recent deals hint at where some of...

05 November 2021

Proximo Weekly: COPing with the devil in the details

COP 26 felt like a watershed this week – at least in terms of cohesive global strategy. But there is still a vast amount of work to do at the granular regulatory level to...

28 October 2021

Proximo Weekly: A fair COP?

Green financing has vastly accelerated the pace of energy transition. But state funding mechanisms, commercial lending and institutional investment strategies need to...

08 October 2021

Proximo Weekly: Is China losing its infra finance grip?

With a potential focus by China on domestic stimulus via infrastructure, a retreat from the levels of BRI lending seen pre-pandemic and increased Chinese banks lending...

01 October 2021

Proximo Weekly: PFI handback – it could get messy

In the next decade 200-plus PFI contracts will end and the assets handed back to the state. It should be simple, but mistakes, lack of clarity and loopholes in early...

24 September 2021

Proximo Weekly: A Chinese solar TEESSer

China's first international non-recourse financing in the solar sector - it's a big claim for a small $80 million deal. But TEESS could yet prove to be the first of many...