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12 April 2024

CapturePoint: Is this the start of something big?

CapturePoint has closed what is certainly one of the first, and possibly the first, tax credit deals for a CCUS project in the US. Will this be the start of a growing...

10 April 2024

Proximo’s Banks and Law Firms of the Year 2023

Which firms moved the market the most in 2023? Proximo looks to provide a subjective measurement of the stand-out lenders and legal advisers.

08 April 2024

Proximocast: 20 minutes with Jean-Francois Joachim, VGMobility

Proximo talks to Jean-Francois Joachim, CFO of VGMobility, about the EV fleet development in Latin America. The discussion covers topics such as key markets for EV fleet...

04 April 2024

Is CCUS getting enough focus from development banks?

Carbon capture at scale is unproven and one of the more controversial technologies of the energy transition. But the IEA considers it an essential part of its Net Zero by...

28 March 2024
Oil & gas, Renewables

Hanseatic Energy Hub: German banks appear to have gone AWOL

The future-proofed Hanseatic Energy Hub is a strategically important energy security project for Germany. So where are the German project banks?

22 March 2024

Basel's sledgehammer approach to US tax equity

Tax equity investments in US renewables are so thoroughly derisked they are often less risky than construction loans. So why is Basel III proposing an increase in risk...

15 March 2024

Egypt and Morocco: How to sustain infrastructure investment

North Africa’s two leading markets have taken very different approaches to encouraging energy and infrastructure investment. Which path looks more sustainable?

05 March 2024
Renewables, Transport

EV financing goes mainstream by going upstream

What a surge in battery manufacturing financings – and lithium prices – could mean for investment elsewhere in the electric vehicle industry.

29 February 2024
Waste and water

Aguas Pacifico: First of a pipeline?

With its mixed bag of offtake contracts that include a merchant element, the Aguas Pacifico project financing has pushed the envelope on structuring lender comforts for...

28 February 2024

Latin America Deals of the Year 2023: Earning liquidity

Bank appetite responded eagerly to the best structured financings, for the best assets. While supply was patchy in 2023, market innovation continued apace.

26 February 2024

New Brazilian infra law calms fears of BNDES expansion

Brazil's new infrastructure law has been broadly welcomed by the project finance market. In addition to providing stimulus for a wider infrastructure investor base, the...

23 February 2024
Power, Renewables

Tax credit transfer: New money magnet?

IRA-enabled tax credit transfer volume is picking up rapidly – attracting new and potentially deeper pools of liquidity for US renewables projects than traditional tax...

16 February 2024
Oil & gas

43rd-ranked bank swears off oil & gas project finance

Barclays is cutting oil and gas from its project finance menu. But what does that mean in real numbers? Not much according to Proximo Data.

13 February 2024
Manufacturing & equipment

Northvolt: The battery benchmark

Northvolt’s latest big-ticket ECA-backed financing sets a benchmark for European battery gigafactory deals. But can Europe’s green industrial policy keep up with the pace...

13 February 2024
Manufacturing & equipment, Power, Transport

Key funding considerations in gigafactory projects

As the global shift towards sustainable energy accelerates, battery gigafactories are becoming increasingly crucial for the energy storage and electric vehicle project...

09 February 2024
Oil & gas

Biden takes a pause

The pause on permitting for some US LNG projects is causing a political stink. But beyond the screams from the fossil fuel lobbyists, what immediate impact on the US LNG...

08 February 2024
Power, Renewables

SunZia: A map to financing renewables on a new scale

At $11 billion of debt signed, the SunZia wind and transmission project has broken a raft of renewables project financing records. But given the transmission piece of...

02 February 2024

Will 2024 be another year of record ECA support in project finance?

Fuelled by more project sponsor demand, ECA support for project finance smashed volume records in 2023. So what sectors do ECAs appear to have strong appetite for in...

31 January 2024

Proximocast: 20 minutes with Mark Henderson, GRIDSERVE

Proximo talks to Mark Henderson, chief investment officer at GRIDSERVE, about the development of the EV charging sector. Topics discussed include GRIDSERVE's recent EV...

24 January 2024
Waste and water

Saudi water: Trouble in the pipes?

Saudi Arabia’s independent water project (IWP) pipeline continues to deliver. But project flow in other essential elements of the water network – transmission, storage...