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09 June 2023
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Venture Global and its commissioning cargoes

There are still questions to be answered about Venture Global’s recent corporate high-yield bond issue, which appears to rely heavily on revenues from commissioning...

02 June 2023

Proximo Weekly: MTA’s P3 debut

Is smaller ticket asset bundling the way to develop a consistent US P3 pipeline?

24 May 2023
Oil & gas

Port Arthur LNG: Old school but it works

The deal may not have the cross-collateralisation bells and whistles of other recent US LNG financings, but Port Arthur LNG is a robust project financing and a bellwether...

23 May 2023
Manufacturing & equipment, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport

Proximo North America Awards 2022: Staying on top

From very large and complex greenfield financings, to refinancings that tapped new markets, these were the highlights of 2022

19 May 2023

Proximo Weekly: African renewables’ persistent commercial debt deficit

A review of the IFC’s scaling solar initiative, and what it says about the African project finance market.

18 May 2023

US offshore wind industry: A current outlook

The project finance team at Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP provide insight on the current state of the US offshore wind energy industry, highlighting several projects...

11 May 2023

Proximo Weekly: Project finance volumes not lagging or sagging – yet

2022 was a good year for project finance volumes according to Proximo’s new Project & Infrastructure Finance Report. So will the same trends and deal flow continue for...

10 May 2023
Social infrastructure, Transport, Waste and water

Proximocast: 20 minutes with Inal Henry and Khetha Rantao, ReagaInfra Capital

Proximo talks to Inal Henry and Khetha Rantao, co-founders of ReagaInfra Capital, about the future of the South African PPP market. Key topics discussed include past...

05 May 2023
Oil & gas, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Different paths

Are multilateral development banks (MDBs) and export credit agencies (ECAs) pulling in the same direction when it comes to energy transition? The PR says they are – the...

03 May 2023
Power, Renewables

Wheeling out the volume

South Africa’s renewable energy wheeling sector is expanding at pace, with as much as 5GW of projects at various stages of development and the beginnings of a wheeling...

28 April 2023
Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Transport

Make the most of IIJA and IRA funding for infrastructure development

Two recent blockbuster bills promise to hugely increase the funding available to US infrastructure developers. Paying careful attention to structuring and to development...

28 April 2023

Proximo Weekly: Asia-Pacific 2022 Deal of the Year Awards

The deals that expanded the possibilities in Asia-Pacific infrastructure finance in 2022.

21 April 2023

Proximo Weekly: French offshore wind gets a dose of vitesse?

France has made some significant progress in offshore wind in the past month. But it still lags behind its European peer group in pace of development. Will recent...

14 April 2023

Proximo Weekly: Will emerging markets always be the markets of the future?

Project finance deal flow has skewed heavily in favour of high-income countries over the last two decades, and the gap between developed and emerging markets has grown...

12 April 2023
Power, Renewables

Lift off for nationalisation in Mexican electricity?

AMLO has long threatened to deepen state control of Mexico’s power sector. A move on Iberdrola’s generating portfolio looks like making good on those threats, even if it...

05 April 2023

Proximo Weekly: The survey is back

Proximo’s annual project finance survey is back and looking for respondents - take 10 minutes to vote and vent.

31 March 2023

Proximo Weekly: Lula’s interest rate fight will decide future role for BNDES

There are confusing signals about what the role of BNDES will be under the new Lula administration. Will the bank continue to stimulate more private sector funding for...

30 March 2023
Power, Renewables

Proximocast: 20 minutes with James Marshall and Brian Cassutt, AES

Proximo talks warehouses and the novel master indenture structure with James Marshall, CFO, and Brian Cassutt, treasurer, at AES' Clean Energy business unit, which was...

27 March 2023

How to build – and defend – a franchise in US energy finance

Credit Suisse/UBS and FCB/SVB: Two distressed banking mergers and what they mean for the US power market.

24 March 2023

Proximo Weekly: Monsoon Wind puts Laos on developers' radar

The landmark and heavily DFI-backed Monsoon Wind transaction in Laos provides a foundation for further international bank and sponsor involvement in this fledgling...