About us

We are proud to present Proximo. From the founders of TXF we bring you the next chapter; providing conferences, data and insight to the project finance, infra and energy finance communities.


Our values

We want to stand out and are passionate about what we do. Proximo products and their people are defined by its core values.


Supporting your business with insight, saving you valuable time and money


Creating opportunities for you to meet the people you need to move your project forward


We are here to challenge the status quo. We know the way media is consumed has changed. Expect audio and video content to fit into your day.


We will give you the insight to act quickly to win business or engage key decision makers at the right time in the process


We promise to deliver honest and well-researched news backed up by credible data.

Proximo News

In-depth reporting on your industry

Our team will keep abreast of all the most relevant news and information in your industry delivered straight to your computer and mobile device.

We promise to offer you the most all-encompassing news summary in the market - if is it happening, we will track it.


Proximo Perspectives

Reclaiming the industry’s independent voice

Our market leading analysts, with over 150 years of collective industry experience will deliver weekly DeepDive reports on the topics that matter to you. You will receive bi-annual surveys and data reports that tackle market challenges and trends including deal pricing information, comprehensive performance ratings and trend analysis.


Proximo Exchange

Honest dialogue at global events

The Proximo Exchange encourages honest dialogue with clients and peers via a compelling portfolio of international events

Relationships are the backbone of our business. We care about you and your industry. Through Interactive, fun and informative large scale marquee events, niche regional conferences, smaller business meetings and roundtables, Proximo Exchange will ensure every aspect of every event focuses on the needs of those that move the market - Project Sponsors, Developers and Government.


Proximo Transmission

Watch and listen to daily news and views

Via the Proximo Transmission, you can listen to daily news and views.

Via video broadcasts, webinars and podcasts pushed straight to your mobile phone, Proximo brings a quality to production and content never before seen in the sector.

Choose Proximo for quick, convenient and easily digestible insights to fit into your day.


Proximo Playbook

Get the deals data to grow your business

The Proximo Playbook will provide you with the deals data required to support the growth of your business

A first of its kind, our deal lifecycle tracker allows you to track deals from rumour to tender, financial close, to re-finance and all points in between. Using state of the art Machine Based Learning and AI, this indispensable resource will generate data reports to help you shape your business’ future.


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Our team

Take some expert insight and add sharp focus. Stir that together with a dollop of creativity, a dash of fun and lots of care. Then, add a pinch of attitude to challenge the status quo and what do you have? The Proximo Team.


We are committed to sustainability and believe the provision of information lies at the core of what we can do to make a difference.

Access to the right information is two fold.

Using data to understand the impact of our company on the environment, both on a day to day basis, and in terms of the conferences we deliver around the world enables us to make smart choices and ensure we minimise the damage our own output is doing. Proximo acknowledges its own CO2 emissions and has committed to an annual carbon compensation initiative, which will invest in green projects around the world from the outset.

Secondly, our job as an information provider is to shed light on activity in the energy and infrastructure sector on a global basis. Our data will assist business leaders in making better informed decisions not only on financial and economic factors at play, but also environmental. We strongly believe such data points will become increasingly critical as new liquidity enters the sector, and sustainability data will be at the forefront of any new product we build.

Join us now for the next chapter in energy and infrastructure insight

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