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20 August 2019

Australia's EfW: Waiting for waste

Australia’s energy-from-waste (EfW) sector is still in its project finance adolescence. But a lack of developers and a standard public sector waste supply agreement are proving...

19 August 2019

On the road again: The very active retirement of Clemente del Valle

Against all the odds, over the past six years Colombian infrastructure development bank FDN has catalysed a mix of infrastructure funding sources that had never existed in Colombia...

19 August 2019

What the bankers say (part two)...

With the heads of eight major project finance banks in attendance at Proximo's European Infrastructure and Renewables Finance Exchange in Lisbon in May, we took the opportunity for...

14 August 2019

Al Dur 2: A Saudi nightmare on ECA street

The $1.5 billion Al Dur 2 independent water and power project (IWPP) financing achieved a record length tenor on an uncovered local bank tranche, an indirect benefit of ECA...

13 August 2019

What the bankers say (part one)...

With the heads of project finance from eight major banks in the same place at the same time – Proximo's European Infrastructure and Renewables Finance Exchange in Lisbon in May –...

09 August 2019

No – offshore wind will not double UK power prices

UK offshore wind has been a rare domestic project financing success story. But it has attracted some strange press recently, largely fuelled by an academic report that is based on...

05 August 2019

Grand Eweng: Too much too soon?

The €1.26 billion 420MW Nachtigal hydro scheme set the financing template for hydro in Cameroon in late 2018. Now a project more than four times the size of Nachtigal is underway,...

Latest News

23 August 2019

US Ex-Im to vote on $5bn loan to Mozambique LNG project

The Export-Import Bank of the United States is to vote on a $5 billion direct loan for the development and construction of an integrated liquefied natural gas project on...

23 August 2019

John Laing reassesses investments in wind and solar

John Laing Group is reconsidering solar and wind investments after a poor performance by its assets in Europe and Australia in the first half of the year. In...

23 August 2019

Proyecto Corredor Vial Circuito 3 highway PPP signs

A consortium led by Espina and Copasa have signed a $1.16 DFI-backed financing to fund the Proyecto Corredor Vial Circuito (Road Corridor Circuit) 3 highway PPP project...

23 August 2019

GE to partner on 1GW Golden Plains wind project

WestWind Energy Australia has announced GE Renewable Energy as co-developer and turbine supplier for its 800-1000MW Golden Plains wind farm near Rokewood, in...

23 August 2019

Infratil opens $127m bond offer

Infratil has opened a bond offer for a series of unsecured unsubordinated Infrastructure Bonds for NZ$200 million ($127 million) with a option to accept up to NZ$100...

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22 August 2019

Canadian PPP: New procurement models needed?

What shifts in risk transfer are needed to help push the the Canadian PPP market forward, and which ones are likely. Proximo hosts Fitch Ratings' Mario Angastiniotis and Priya...

30 July 2019

New directions and new pressures at ECAs

Political pressure is pushing export credit agencies in new, sometimes conflicting, directions. But they remain useful and well-regarded project finance players. Proximo hosts...

22 July 2019

Libor, not rate rises, the biggest threat to hedging arrangements

Interest rate hedging arrangements are more vulnerable to Libor's replacement than rises in base rates. Proximo talks hedge mechanics with Cogswell Consulting's Ian Cogswell,...

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Proximo Austin 2019: US Power and Renewables Finance Exchange

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