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23 October 2020

Proximo Weekly: Switching tracks

As India takes its first steps to rail privatisation, the UKs rail private sector experiment is backtracking to nationalisation. Can either get the public-private sector balance...

21 October 2020

Finding certainty in an uncertain climate (part one)

The new normal has accelerated many pre-Covid investment trends, slowed others and left many asset managers with an imbalance of risk in portfolios that were built on old risk...

15 October 2020

Proximo Weekly: MAGA – Make America Green Again

He pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement, has been vocal in his climate change denial, removed many federal supports for renewables and even linked wind turbines with cancer –...

15 October 2020

DFIs urged to scale up blended finance

In order to crowd-in more private sector investment, DFIs need to increase their levels of blended finance in low-income countries and provide a wider array of de-risking...

08 October 2020

Proximo Weekly: Watch the Polish offshore wind horizon

Of the more established project finance sectors discussed at Proximo Europe 2020: Infrastructure & Renewables Finance last week, a new geographic market – Polish offshore wind –...

06 October 2020

Chasing DFI infrastructure cash

Given the vast Covid-19 relief packages they are putting together, are DFIs really in a position to play a bigger role than usual in planned infrastructure stimulus packages that...

02 October 2020

Huemul: A tale of two deals

Unlike its earlier sister deal which was fully commercially banked, the Huemul renewable financing in Chile has significant DFI backing. Was that backing a necessity in the...

Latest News

27 October 2020

Bpifrance finances Isocel fiber-optic extension in Benin

Benin’s internet service provider Isocel has received a loan of €6 million from Bpifrance to expand its network.Isocel will extend its fiber-optic network over...

27 October 2020

IBRD approves 300km road improvement project in Meghalaya

The World Bank has approved a $120 million project to improve and modernize the transport sector of Meghalaya, a hill state located in the north east of India. The...

26 October 2020

IDC looking for Foskor partner

South African state-owned DFI Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is to finalise a “strategic partner” for Foskor after the phosphate producing...

26 October 2020

Hive's Sabinar solar project is approved

Hive Energy has received both environmental and planning approval for the 169MW Sabinar solar farm in Cuenca, Spain. Construction is expected to start next summer....

26 October 2020

CPA issues Request for Offers for energy storage projects

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) has released its Clean Energy 2020 Request for Offers to expand its renewable energy portfolio with a view to adding more energy storage....

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Watching the transition in Polish power

Poland's renewables sector has notched up some modest successes. Greater volumes of debt - and a successful launch to the country's offshore wind programme - will be seated to...

Lighting the way in Nordic onshore wind

Webinar | 05.11.20 | The Nordic region has taken the lead in Europe for the depth of its onshore wind finance market? could non-bank lenders and merchant risk profiles take on more...

Bankable without banks in Latin American infrastructure

Institutional lenders are increasingly comfortable with a wide variety of greenfield and brownfield assets in Latin America. Will governments continue to make sure these assets are...

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