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24 February 2020

Closing the knowledge gaps: Mining old deals for new insights

Demand from local lenders, institutions and DFIS for up-to-date project finance knowledge is still strong. But access to real-world case studies from successful - and unsuccessful...

19 February 2020

Miami advice: Get ready for the rebound

Low commodities prices and political upheaval mask some promising opportunities in infrastructure and energy finance in Latin America. And sponsors still have access to a wealth of...

18 February 2020

RII: A workable replacement for PFI?

The Regulated Infrastructure Investment (RII) model is being proposed as a viable replacement for the defunct PFI model in the UK. But go beneath the surface and there are problems...

17 February 2020

Polish offshore wind: New market – old questions

Despite progress on Polish offshore wind legislation, there are still questions around local content requirements, local liquidity and local currency-denominated PPAs that need to...

07 February 2020

Amur GPP: Better than the black stuff

The heavily ECA-backed financing for Gazprom's Amur gas processing project has set new tenor and volume benchmarks for both the sponsor and Russian oil and gas – even allowing for...

31 January 2020

ESG and infrastructure – do the numbers stack up?

Cost or cost benefit? Green or greenwash? What does the increasing focus on ESG compliance bring to the infrastructure market and is an impractical take on ESG in danger of...

28 January 2020

Kenmare rejigs Moma debt

Ireland-based Kenmare Resources returned to the debt markets in December to refinance the remaining debt backing its Moma titanium mine in Mozambique. The deal has a new lender...

Latest News

27 February 2020

AfDB finances water, sanitation, solar projects in Burkina Faso

The African Development Bank is providing CFA42 billion (over €64 million) to Burkina Faso to finance water, sanitation and solar electrification projects.The first...

27 February 2020

Czerwinska appointed EIB VP

Teresa Czerwinska has been appointed vice-president and member of the Management Committee of the EIB. She will begin her new role on 1 March. Czerwinska was has been a...

27 February 2020

Cellnex and Bouygues partner on roll-out of French fibre network

A new joint venture of Cellnex (51%) and Bouygues Telecom (49%) is seeking to deploy a national fibre optic network to provide mobile and fixed fibre connectivity to...

27 February 2020

Jubail 3A IWP bids in

On 1 March, Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) will announce the preferred bidder from four consortia vying for the $1 billion Jubail 3A IWP project in Saudi...

27 February 2020

Elecnor to build 120MW solar project in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic's Empresa Generadora de Electricidad Haina (EGE Haina) has awarded Spanish company Elecnor a turnkey contract to build the 120MW Girasol solar...

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13 February 2020

Satellite finance: Learning from launch failures

Despite an occasionally patchy record, satellite operators benefit from strong support from ECAs, high-yield investors and some banks, and data is driving ever-greater financing...

27 January 2020

RBL lenders worry about more than oil prices

The reserves-based loan is moving outside its heartlands in the North Sea and US, and outside its commercial bank niche. But while oil price falls led to minimal distress in the...

23 December 2019

The Proximo 2019 Festive Trends Round-up

In a year of immense change for energy, infrastructure and project finance, Proximo Transmission's regulars pick the trends that mattered in 2019 - and the trends that could shape...

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U.S. agency financing training course

Apr 1, 2020
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International Project Finance Training Course |...

Apr 14 - Apr 15, 2020

The training will use real-life case studies from a variety of sectors, including a wide range of project finance...

Sustainable Infrastructure & Impact Finance 2020

Sustainable Infrastructure & Impact Finance 2020

Apr 16, 2020

Focus on innovative and collaborative infrastructure project delivery with common language and principles across the...



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