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22 December 2022
Metals and Mining

Proximo Weekly: A critical time for critical minerals finance

The energy transition is forcing banks and ECAs to engage with - or often return to - mining finance as the hunt for battery mineral resources heats up. But sponsors not...

13 December 2022
Telecoms and Communications

Is the UK facing fibre overbuild?

Up to two altnet project finance proposals per week are landing on bankers' desks in the UK. Is the UK fibre market overcrowded and about to undergo a wave of...

03 September 2021

Proximo Weekly: Keeping the faith with gas in LatAm power

Two recently-announced acquisitions for gas-fired power portfolios in Brazil and Mexico highlight the continuing fragility of Latin America’s largest markets - and their...

30 April 2021
Metals and Mining

Mining: A different shade of green

The mining sector is becoming a new frontier for green finance, as lenders take a greater interest in ESG issues. While green finance in mining has the potential to...

19 March 2021
Telecoms and Communications

UK FTTH: Rocks and roll-out

As the UK’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) coverage expands, the government and regulators remain wholly intent on allowing a competitive, market-driven approach to dominate....

05 February 2021

Proximo Weekly: Offshore wind on steroids

The biggest offshore wind project financed to date, Dogger Bank A and B reset the financing volume benchmark for the offshore wind sector. With Dogger Bank C expected...

10 December 2020
Metals and Mining

Proximo Weekly: ECA support for mining gets smaller – but smarter

ECAs are playing a growing role in the financing of small, strategic-commodity mining projects – even coming in alongside royalty providers in deals where they might not...

15 October 2020

DFIs urged to scale up blended finance

In order to crowd-in more private sector investment, DFIs need to increase their levels of blended finance in low-income countries and provide a wider array of de-risking...

06 April 2020
Metals and Mining, Renewables

The odd couple: Financing mining’s renewables transition

The mining industry is slowly starting to switch over to more renewable forms of energy. A new kind of environmentally conscientious financing could help with that...

13 March 2020
Power, Renewables, Transport

Final curtain on Greek project tragedy?

The project market in Greece was essentially frozen following the onset of the country’s infamous government debt crisis in 2009. But with modest economic growth...

16 January 2020
Metals and Mining

Getting Sirius out of a funding hole?

Anglo American last week went public with its intention to lodge a takeover bid for Sirius Minerals’ struggling Woodsmith polyhalite mining project in the UK. For Sirius,...

07 January 2020
Oil & gas

North Sea M&A: Time to buy or sell?

The M&A market for North Sea oil assets has been running in hyperdrive. Norway still has room for upside, but with many rushing for the exit in the UK, is it set to...

09 December 2019

German rail: New trains – new drivers

Institutional investors are starting to finance the German passenger rail markets thanks to two innovative deals this year for networks in Ulm and Sachsen-Anhalt. And the...

28 October 2019

Taiwan offshore wind: New angle – new uncertainties

With the sponsors of the Formosa 2 offshore wind project concluding the final details of an ECA-backed debt financing, confidence in the bankability of Taiwan's...

25 September 2019
Metals and Mining

New mining capital - meet old risks

Bank debt, ECAs, DFIs, streams, and high yield debt. Mine developers have many financing options, but need to take care to cover off key risks. Proximo speaks to Global...

20 September 2019
Telecoms and Communications

Data centres: Do the risks and rewards compute?

Data storage capacity looks set to grow exponentially in the coming years. But it’s still unclear whether the risks and rewards will equate to a booming new asset class...

09 September 2019

Allego: A hybrid test of lender appetite for EV charging

Societe Generale and Kommunalkredit have devised an innovative hybrid structure in the Allego EV charging infrastructure deal, mixing both corporate and project finance...

19 August 2019
Social infrastructure, Transport

On the road again: The very active retirement of Clemente del Valle

Against all the odds, over the past six years Colombian infrastructure development bank FDN has catalysed a mix of infrastructure funding sources that had never existed...

05 August 2019

Grand Eweng: Too much too soon?

The €1.26 billion 420MW Nachtigal hydro scheme set the financing template for hydro in Cameroon in late 2018. Now a project more than four times the size of Nachtigal is...

03 April 2019

Nigerian solar: The path to bankability

There have been notable recent developments in the Nigerian regulatory and legal framework aimed at promoting investment in solar independent power projects (IPPs). But...

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