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14 September 2023
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Why 2023 DFIs are not 2012 DFIs

A new study of World Bank trade finance activity glosses over ten years of market evolution.

08 September 2023

Proximo Weekly: Chilean electricity securitisation – simplify to diversify

Chile’s latest tariff recovery receivables securitisation demonstrates the willingness of the Chilean government to ensure bankability whatever the market conditions.

04 September 2023
Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Private credit: Is this infrastructure’s new liquidity pocket?

Private credit - the hot new trend in corporate and leveraged lending - might have applications in project and infrastructure finance. But it’s part of a much longer...

01 September 2023

The DoE offers a cure for the US transmission permitting mess

US transmission is troubled by a lack of pipeline, not a lack of capital. A new DoE grant programme aims to speed up approvals.

25 August 2023
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Will the next wave of fertiliser deals be greener than the last?

With the US holding a significant gas price advantage, the dynamics of traditional fertiliser production, particularly in Europe, are changing. But that change could also...

18 August 2023

Proximo Weekly: What price superb project finance service?

In addition to capturing market sentiment about the global project finance space, Proximo's 2023 Project Finance Research Report asked respondents to evaluate the service...

11 August 2023

Proximo Weekly: CFE leans on PRI for hydro portfolio debt

Is CFE’s MIGA-guaranteed deal an innovation or a demonstration of weakness?

03 August 2023

US hydrogen’s route to bankable

What needs to happen for hydrogen to become a mainstream project finance asset in the US? A panel of lenders, developers and advisers gathers to discuss risk allocation...

06 July 2023

Proximo Weekly: Inside the tax credit transfer window

The US government has released guidelines for how it will treat transferable tax credits. Will the new rules expand the tax equity market, or turn it upside down?

03 July 2023

Proximocast: 20 minutes with Michael Feith, European Commission

The European Union’s €372 billion InvestEU initiative has launched into a fast-evolving market for private capital in infrastructure. Proximo talks to the programme’s...

16 June 2023

Proximo Weekly: Flesh on the bones of the US LPO’s new authority

The US DoE’s revitalised Loan Program Office (LPO) has issued new guidance that could have significant impact on greening or replacing dirty assets.

14 June 2023
Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport

Proximo Europe Awards 2022: Smaller but smarter

While it lacks some of the natural advantages of the US, Europe’s infrastructure finance market is still active, diverse, and resilient.

23 May 2023
Manufacturing & equipment, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport

Proximo North America Awards 2022: Staying on top

From very large and complex greenfield financings, to refinancings that tapped new markets, these were the highlights of 2022

19 May 2023

Proximo Weekly: African renewables’ persistent commercial debt deficit

A review of the IFC’s scaling solar initiative, and what it says about the African project finance market.

11 May 2023

Proximo Weekly: Project finance volumes not lagging or sagging – yet

2022 was a good year for project finance volumes according to Proximo’s new Project & Infrastructure Finance Report. So will the same trends and deal flow continue for...

28 April 2023

Proximo Weekly: Asia-Pacific 2022 Deal of the Year Awards

The deals that expanded the possibilities in Asia-Pacific infrastructure finance in 2022.

14 April 2023

Proximo Weekly: Will emerging markets always be the markets of the future?

Project finance deal flow has skewed heavily in favour of high-income countries over the last two decades, and the gap between developed and emerging markets has grown...

30 March 2023
Power, Renewables

Proximocast: 20 minutes with James Marshall and Brian Cassutt, AES

Proximo talks warehouses and the novel master indenture structure with James Marshall, CFO, and Brian Cassutt, treasurer, at AES' Clean Energy business unit, which was...

27 March 2023

How to build – and defend – a franchise in US energy finance

Credit Suisse/UBS and FCB/SVB: Two distressed banking mergers and what they mean for the US power market.

16 March 2023
Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: SVB and US renewables lenders’ maturity struggles

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank highlights some of the shortcomings of the US renewables project finance market. What does the Proximo Intelligence data say about...