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30 March 2023
Power, Renewables

Proximocast: 20 minutes with James Marshall and Brian Cassutt, AES

Proximo talks warehouses and the novel master indenture structure with James Marshall, CFO, and Brian Cassutt, treasurer, at AES' Clean Energy business unit, which was...

27 March 2023

How to build – and defend – a franchise in US energy finance

Credit Suisse/UBS and FCB/SVB: Two distressed banking mergers and what they mean for the US power market.

16 March 2023
Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: SVB and US renewables lenders’ maturity struggles

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank highlights some of the shortcomings of the US renewables project finance market. What does the Proximo Intelligence data say about...

14 March 2023
Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Proximo Middle East & Africa Awards 2022: A taste of the future

The deals and players that moved the market and point to state-owned enterprises learning the value of flexibility and creativity.

09 March 2023

Proximo Weekly: The changing face of Latin American merchant renewables

Can sponsors’ and lenders’ tolerance of Latin American renewables spot price and volume risk survive contact with market realities?

02 March 2023

Proximo Latin America Awards 2022: Flexible and responsible financing

The stand-out deals in the region gave borrowers room to grow, highlighted their social and environmental responsibility, and sold down strongly in difficult markets.

01 March 2023
Social infrastructure

Proximocast: 20 minutes with Steve Cook, Sequoia Investment Management Company

Proximo interviews Steve Cook, a Director and the Head of Portfolio Management at Sequoia Investment Management Company, about infrastructure debt funds, diversification...

10 February 2023

Proximo Weekly: Adani and the weaknesses of Indian infrastructure finance

Listed equity and infrastructure assets often make strange bedfellows. The latest demonstration comes from the clutch of Indian infrastructure corporates headed by Gautam...

03 February 2023
Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: A slow and difficult transition for PREPA

Puerto Rico has awarded the second phase of its power sector restructuring to Genera. So is the commonwealth now on a quick path to decarbonisation?

20 January 2023

Proximo Weekly: Choppy tides

Large-scale UK tidal is still a long way from providing a persuasive cost of power argument, and even further from bankability. But small-scale tidal stream is at least...

06 January 2023
Telecoms and Communications

Proximo Weekly: The developed-only digital infrastructure market

Proximo’s latest digital infrastructure report shows no sign over overbuild angst among lenders to developed markets. But there are still questions over the risk profile...

22 December 2022
Metals and Mining

Proximo Weekly: A critical time for critical minerals finance

The energy transition is forcing banks and ECAs to engage with - or often return to - mining finance as the hunt for battery mineral resources heats up. But sponsors not...

19 December 2022
Social infrastructure, Transport, Waste and water

GCC social infra PPP steps up

The use of the PPP model in GCC countries has historically been confined largely to the power, water, and wastewater sectors. Increasingly, however, governments in the...

16 December 2022
Waste and water

Proximo Weekly: What next for UK water?

If the UK decides that a radical change in direction is needed in the ownership structures used in UK water, can it make sure that the debt structuring baby is not thrown...

12 December 2022
Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Proximo's 2022 Festive Trends Round Up

WATCH ON-DEMAND HERE. Original broadcast date: 19 December 2022. A look back at the key trends in the project, energy and infrastructure market in 2022, and a look ahead...

24 November 2022

Proximo Weekly: What ETMs can and can’t do for coal retirements

The recent ACEN ETM to retire the South Luzon coal-fired plant early attracted some controversy over its use of the ETM moniker. But the deal is more promising than was...

23 November 2022
Oil & gas

PDP securitisation: Oil, gas and paper

PDP securitisation is unlikely to ever hit the oil and gas financing mainstream – but appetite from US oil and gas independents is growing and with good reason.

18 November 2022

Proximo Weekly: Deals of the Year 2022 and what it takes to be a winner

The best project sponsors completely change the conversation about how to finance a particular asset class – Venture Global did that in spades with its move to modular.

17 November 2022
Power, Renewables

Zeroing In: US utilities’ path to carbon-free

US utilities will bear the main burden of efforts to decarbonise the country’s power grid. Proximo gathered together utilities, consultants, and development and finance...

15 November 2022
Social infrastructure

Ready for a rebirth for stadium and arena finance?

WATCH ON-DEMAND HERE. Original broadcast date: 10 November 2022. Several new big-ticket sports facilities are near market. But revenue mix, available political support,...

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