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10 April 2024

Proximo’s Banks and Law Firms of the Year 2023

Which firms moved the market the most in 2023? Proximo looks to provide a subjective measurement of the stand-out lenders and legal advisers.

28 February 2024

Latin America Deals of the Year 2023: Earning liquidity

Bank appetite responded eagerly to the best structured financings, for the best assets. While supply was patchy in 2023, market innovation continued apace.

16 February 2024
Oil & gas

43rd-ranked bank swears off oil & gas project finance

Barclays is cutting oil and gas from its project finance menu. But what does that mean in real numbers? Not much according to Proximo Data.

17 January 2024

GIP’s rise and the decline of industrial sponsors

How did GIP go from start-up in 2006 to a $12.5 billion price tag 17 years later?

20 December 2023

Proximocast: Festive Trends 2023

Proximo talks to a panel of industry experts about the top project finance trends from 2023 and what those trends might mean for the market in 2024. Speakers include Ian...

12 December 2023

Why solar developers reach for their revolvers

Construction revolving credit facilities are now the favoured way for larger developers to build out their portfolios at scale. Can, and should, smaller developers be...

06 December 2023

JFK Terminal 1 partially-wrapped bond refinancing prices

The consortium developing JFK terminal 1 has priced a $2 billion tax-exempt bond issue to refinance bank debt used to fund the first phase of the project.

30 November 2023

The ECB, not the EC, has the power to cure Europe’s wind woes

The European Commission (EC) plans to develop a dedicated guarantee mechanism for commercial banks' credit exposures to key wind industry suppliers in a bid to bolster...

07 November 2023

Power steering Saudi bus rapid transit PPP

In anticipation of a wave of bus rapid transit (BRT) projects across Saudi Arabia, Bracewell's Dubai team looks at the key features of BRT systems from a PPP structuring...

02 November 2023
Telecoms and Communications

A Glasfaser half full?

Is Germany going to experience a fibre build-out hangover? Or are banks’ long memories, for once, getting the better of them?

23 October 2023
Telecoms and Communications

Webinar replay: Sustainable Finance for Digital Infrastructure

Proximo Intelligence in collaboration with ING hosted a live webinar on Sustainable Finance for Digital Infrastructure on 15th November 2023. View the key takeaways and...

19 October 2023
Metals and Mining

Lithium mining: Matching financing to friendshoring

What the collapse of a promising lithium acquisition says about the challenges in financing big-ticket mining assets in developed markets.

05 October 2023

Does Brightline point to a bright future for US high-speed rail?

The opening of Brightline's second passenger line has lifted the forward outlook for high-speed rail (HSR) line development in the US - but not by much. US HSR...

14 September 2023
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Why 2023 DFIs are not 2012 DFIs

A new study of World Bank trade finance activity glosses over ten years of market evolution.

08 September 2023

Proximo Weekly: Chilean electricity securitisation – simplify to diversify

Chile’s latest tariff recovery receivables securitisation demonstrates the willingness of the Chilean government to ensure bankability whatever the market conditions.

04 September 2023
Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Private credit: Is this infrastructure’s new liquidity pocket?

Private credit - the hot new trend in corporate and leveraged lending - might have applications in project and infrastructure finance. But it’s part of a much longer...

01 September 2023

The DoE offers a cure for the US transmission permitting mess

US transmission is troubled by a lack of pipeline, not a lack of capital. A new DoE grant programme aims to speed up approvals.

25 August 2023
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Will the next wave of fertiliser deals be greener than the last?

With the US holding a significant gas price advantage, the dynamics of traditional fertiliser production, particularly in Europe, are changing. But that change could also...

18 August 2023

Proximo Weekly: What price superb project finance service?

In addition to capturing market sentiment about the global project finance space, Proximo's 2023 Project Finance Research Report asked respondents to evaluate the service...

11 August 2023

Proximo Weekly: CFE leans on PRI for hydro portfolio debt

Is CFE’s MIGA-guaranteed deal an innovation or a demonstration of weakness?