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21 June 2022
Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Proximo Podcast: Interview with Claire Barclay, Pinsent Masons

Proximo interviews Claire Barclay, a partner at Pinsent Masons, about South African infrastructure development, including sectors such as rail, ports, water, and student...

10 June 2022

Proximo Weekly: Is Term SOFR the new dollar Libor?

The global project finance market looks set to replace one forward-looking dollar benchmark interest rate with another. Is Term SOFR effectively USD Libor with a new lick...

25 May 2022

Purple Line: Light rail – heavy cost

Some completion risk lingers and cost overruns are high, but the Purple Line refinancing has achieved an investment-grade rating and will finally allow construction on...

19 May 2022

Buried treasure: Financing interconnectors

WATCH ON DEMAND. Original air date: 26/5/22. A look at evolving economic and financial structures for developing interconnection assets.

11 May 2022
Oil & gas

Petrochemicals: Next year's model

Is increasing petrochemicals price volatility going to force re-evaluation of past petchems project finance models? It already is.

24 March 2022

South Africa's green gauge still upbeat

With banks lining up to finance Bid Window 5 projects, part of South Africa’s REIPPP programme, renewables has become the country’s leading project finance sector in an...

18 February 2022
Other, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure

Proximo Weekly: Greek project finance on the mend

Since the country's financial meltdown, project finance lending in Greece has slowly made a comeback in tandem with DFI support for a growing renewable energy and PPP...

09 February 2022

Matrix revolutions

Matrix Renewables pulled off a long list of market firsts with its recent PMGD solar portfolio financing in Chile. But more significantly, the structure appears to be...

09 February 2022

Funding new nuclear: What price risk transfer?

VIEW ON DEMAND: While the UK pushes on with new nuclear financing structures, doubts remain about how to deal with cost overruns and de-comissioning risk.

21 January 2022

Proximo Weekly: A change of Uzbek wind speed and direction?

Although not the first utility-scale wind project to be awarded in Uzbekistan, the Nukus wind project could prove to be the pathfinder for future wind tenders and...

07 January 2022

Camino de la Fruta: The tenor of deals to come?

Chilean toll road bond financings are a staple. But towards the end of 2021 Sacyr closed the first mini-perm financing for a Chilean toll road – Camino de la Fruta. Is...

26 November 2021

COP26: Looking beyond the headlines

The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) took centre stage at COP26. Although initiatives like GFANZ will unlock further capital for green infrastructure,...

03 November 2021

Floating solar: The panel's still out on major deal flow

The recent Cirata project financing set some new bankability benchmarks for floating solar in Asia. More substantial deal flow from Asia's island nations may follow, but...

28 September 2021

Irish solar: No longer an oxymoron

The Irish solar sector has seen a surge in interest from international developers and lenders in the wake of the first RESS auctions in 2020 – and delivered its first...

24 September 2021

Risk, reward and the rebound in US infrastructure finance

Conditions are starting to look promising for higher volumes across US project finance. In a roundtable sponsored by BNY Mellon, Proximo explores the new market dynamic...

09 September 2021

Landcos: Flexibility or complexity for financing renewables?

More and more renewables developers are using landcos to separate the ownership of projects and the land on which they are sited. Could the benefits to project owners...

20 August 2021
Power, Renewables

Climate resilient infrastructure

WATCH ON-DEMAND. Original broadcast date: 5 August 2021. To what extent do procurement processes, concession structures and financing documents accommodate the effects of...

10 August 2021

Kekava Bypass: Template or PPP nameplate?

Last month Latvia’s pathfinder PPP project – Kekava Bypass – made it to financial close. But with a fully IFI-banked package, has it done enough groundwork to pull in at...

30 July 2021
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: NextEra’s innovative twist on transition financing

NextEra is using equity in existing gas assets as collateral for raising $1.7 billion of debt to fuel its US renewables project pipeline. No greenwash – just a realistic...

22 July 2021

EV Charging: A question of bankability

Few bankable EV charging project deals have followed the hybrid pathfinder set by Allego. Project financings for consumer EV charging points have, at their core, a simple...