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22 May 2017

Message received: ACWA’s holdco hybrid a hit with investors

ACWA Power’s complex non-recourse bond debut was never going to be an easy sell to mainstream investors. But after 200-plus face-to-face account meetings and constant...

16 May 2017

Trianel Windpark Borkum II: Cheap just got cheaper

Financial close on Trianel Windpark Borkum II has set a new benchmark low for the cost of German offshore wind debt. Although structured under the old EEG regime, the...

09 May 2017

Northland Power: Gemini and beyond

80bp saved on the margin and minimal costs compared to a new money refinancing, the restructuring of the Gemini offshore wind deal vindicates Northland Power’s original...

08 May 2017

US LNG: Golden Pass or slippery baton?

Regulatory progress in US LNG has continued to be strong. But doubts about the economics of exports – and the legal underpinnings of supply contracts remain.

02 May 2017

Is Saudi Arabia’s renewables dream becoming a reality?

Saudi Arabia has finally made its first major step to reach its renewable procurement target of 9.5GW by 2023 as the names of pre-qualified project bidders under Round 1...

01 May 2017

Old Harbour: Locally grown

Led by domestic banks and with no DFI support, the Old Harbour power project financing in Jamaica is testament to the ingenuity of local lenders.

25 April 2017

Abiba Solar: A different approach to African power finance

Access Power’s crowd-sourced approach to development and InfraCo’s use of convertible debt may have set a new template for development and financing in Africa’s power...

24 April 2017

Bermuda Airport: A departure from the project norm

Awarded to Aecon as a PPP concession with the Canadian Commercial Corporation as an intermediary, and financed via the US private placement market, the Bermuda Airport...

20 April 2017

Alba 6: ECA-backed deal adds another piece to the funding puzzle

Alba has secured commitments for an additional $700 million ECA-backed loan to part finance its Line 6 expansion project. The deal complements a $1.5 billion syndicated...

17 April 2017

Shop talk: Breaking PLN's 35GW threshhold

Indonesia's 35GW power procurement plan was always ambitious. But PLN is much closer to delivery in 2019 than many were predicting. Teguh Harsono, senior manager of fund...

10 April 2017

Solar flair: Liberty’s Luning a new twist on tax equity

A new tax equity structure might increase US utilities’ ability to own US renewables assets – but only if regulators agree.

07 April 2017

Mafraq I and II: DFI debt and cheap tariffs

Solar developer FRV reached full financial close on DFI-backed financings last month to fund the construction of two of its four solar projects in Mafraq, Jordan. The...

04 April 2017

Egypt FiT Round 2: Will it be bankable?

Developers under Egypt’s FiT Round 2 programme are racing to secure international debt for solar power tenders by the end of the April. With revisions to key issues that...

10 March 2017

Certainty of convertibility: Vietnam IPP forex fixed

With two ECA-backed deals nearing financial close, and currency convertibility issues resolved, Vietnam looks set to finally begin delivering on its pipeline of IPP...

09 March 2017

Premium Green 2017-2: Less can be more

Credit Agricole has closed a $3 billion synthetic securitisation to free up cash for green project loans. And unlike vanilla green bonds, this deal could indirectly...

03 March 2017

Powering up: Tanjung Jati B 5&6 electrifies lender appetite

JBIC and commercial banks, with NEXI cover, are co-financing $3.35 billion of debt to fund a 2GW expansion of the 2.64GW Tanjung Jati B coal-fired power plant in...

01 March 2017

Is China serious about infra PPP?

The Chinese government says it wants to attract meaningful amounts of private capital to new infrastructure development. Both PPP and market structures make that...

28 February 2017

Turbine loans: Broken promise?

With US wind tax credits (PTC) being cut 20% year-on-year until 2019, the turbine loan market was expected to make a comeback. A trio of wind turbine loans under full PTC...

22 February 2017

Funding tap: GCC margins dip

Two years of tight regional bank liquidity and even tighter government budgets forced many Middle East state-owned borrowers into the ECA-backed and pre-export loan...

24 January 2017

Virgin Voyages: Start-up funding but not as we knew it

Fincantieri ended 2016 with final confirmation of the Virgin Voyages cruise ship order - a deal for a start-up backed by one of Sace's largest single cover cruise ship...