Global Project Sponsors Report 2020

There is currently no empirical, independent report that canvasses the views of project sponsors and borrowers. This Global Projects Sponsors Report 2020 looks to fill that gap, providing insight into how the project finance lending market is perceived by its client base and how it might better serve that client base.

Throughout the survey, Proximo provides its interpretation on some of the key findings. These comments are designed to be thought provoking and offer a more holistic view on the implication of the data for the industry.

Insights to gain from this report include;

* Predicted regional growth in project finance over the next 5 years and in which sectors

* Average pricing for project financing over the next 12 months

* What challenges have had a detrimental impact on the raising of project financing 

* If the market thinks project finance can expect or needs outside help 

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Proximo Research supplies some of the most detailed market insights into the project finance industry. Using an in-depth and robust methodology that combines quantitative trends with thought provoking qualitative insights, Proximo Research provides unique and proprietary data and analysis based on primary sources.

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