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20 June 2024

Brightline keeps on track

Brightline's recapitalisation has involved raising debt for refinancing at the opco, parentco and holdco levels. Complex? Yes. Does it work? Investors seem convinced. Is...

14 June 2024
Oil & gas

ChemOne: Navigating a difficult path to financial close

ChemOne is approaching financial close for its flagship Malaysia petrochemicals facility after enduring years of pandemic-related strictures. Its journey has taken in a...

07 June 2024

Mongolia looks to kick-start wind market – again

Mongolia plans to deliver its first wind PPP via a competitive tender. The potential for wind development is strong, but will lender and developer appetite match it?

06 June 2024
Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Online Project Finance Training Course

Enhance your expertise in project finance with Proximo’s Online Project Finance Training Course. In collaboration with CC Solutions, this course is designed to provide...

31 May 2024

Zenobe gets more lenders on board

Zenobe has closed on its latest electric bus financing, its second deal via a methodology that allows multiple projects to be financed simultaneously before being...

24 May 2024

The mobilisers

Given the urgency of energy transition related projects, DFI direct lending to project and export finance deals has risen significantly in recent years – but it is still...

21 May 2024
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport

North America Deals of the Year 2023: Riding the liquidity wave

It might have been the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act, or big cheques from financial sponsors, or simply an ample supply of well-structured projects. But 2023...

17 May 2024
Power, Social infrastructure

Financing last-mile connections in Africa

Low-income household energy projects in Africa are increasingly being financed via securitisation structures. The deals are relatively small, but the impact could prove...

15 May 2024

Has the time arrived for US carbon capture?

A combination of higher subsidies and a recognition that renewables can’t do all the work of decarbonisation looks promising for the US. Proximo and Leidos assemble a...

10 May 2024

Is US offshore wind potential too big to fail?

The fledgling US offshore wind market has been hit by many setbacks in the past year – but it is adapting. Appetite from investors and lenders remains strong and the...

03 May 2024

Market integrity and standardisation: shaping the rules of the voluntary carbon market

As the voluntary carbon market rapidly evolves, it is attracting further scrutiny and questions surrounding governance and quality control. By Nicholas Neuberger,...

30 April 2024
Telecoms and Communications

Proximocast: 20 minutes with Ted Schremp, IQ Fiber

Proximo talks to Ted Schremp, founder and CEO of IQ Fiber, about the US fibre market, discussing topics such as the level of fibre penetration in the US, the competitive...

26 April 2024
Telecoms and Communications

Data centres: The boom that keeps on giving

The data centre boom is moving to the next level with the advent of demand for AI. While liquidity is unlikely to be a problem, power and land constraints could be.

23 April 2024

Asia-Pacific Deals of the Year 2023: Strong foundations for a regional rebirth

The last 18 months have looked more like a process of consolidation than rapid advance in the Asia-Pacific region. But the best deals of 2023 provide the foundations for...

19 April 2024
Telecoms and Communications

Asia’s digital infrastructure: Dispersed data documentation

Asia was late to the digital infrastructure party, but data centres are driving strong growth in the region. The big financial sponsors are already starting to take...

18 April 2024

Middle East & Africa Deals of the Year 2023: Mega and multi-tranche

The region’s highest-profile deals combined new technologies and new distribution tactics.

17 April 2024

Europe Deals of the Year 2023: Going large for the energy transition

A year when commercial banks got more comfortable with spiky credits - and ECAs took market share on the biggest deals

12 April 2024

CapturePoint: Is this the start of something big?

CapturePoint has closed what is certainly one of the first, and possibly the first, tax credit deals for a CCUS project in the US. Will this be the start of a growing...

10 April 2024

Proximo’s Banks and Law Firms of the Year 2023

Which firms moved the market the most in 2023? Proximo looks to provide a subjective measurement of the stand-out lenders and legal advisers.

08 April 2024

Proximocast: 20 minutes with Jean-Francois Joachim, VGMobility

Proximo talks to Jean-Francois Joachim, CFO of VGMobility, about the EV fleet development in Latin America. The discussion covers topics such as key markets for EV fleet...