Proximo Webinar | Hydrogen: Catalysing electrolysers

A discussion on market conditions, financing norms and the potential outlook for hydrogen project activity

Date: Thursday 29th September 2022
Time: 3pm UK | 10am NY

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Hydrogen is no longer a frontier asset in the project finance market. It’s no longer seen as a competitor to lithium-ion batteries. And it is starting to support some serious work in project financing and advisory. For firms looking to demonstrate their contribution to the energy transition and support existing high-carbon clients, hydrogen is emerging as a key sector.

Lenders and sponsors are no longer looking to close the first financing in hydrogen, but the first hydrogen financing of more than $100 million. According to data from the Proximo Playbook, three project financings connected to hydrogen closed in 2021, and three have closed so far in 2022. But the combined volume of all of this activity is still $233 million equivalent (as of 1 September - this is a fast-moving market). 

Joining Proximo will be a group of experienced investors and lenders in the space to discuss evolving market conditions, financing norms and the potential outlook for the technology.

Experts joining Proximo include;

* Scott Shields, Partner, New Energy Development Company

* Luisa Fuentes, Managing Director and Head of Energy Transition and Sustainable Finance, CIBC

* Peter van Ees, Hydrogen Energy Sector Lead, ABN Amro

Dr F. Maximilian Boemke, Partner, Watson, Farley & Williams 

* Moderated by Thomas Hopkins, Deputy Editor, Proximo

Join us live and interact with the panel by asking your own questions as we discuss;

* What recent transactions tell us about the state of the financing market for hydrogen

* What progress has been made in mitigating the major risks associated with hydrogen projects

* How is the market for financing hydrogen likely to evolve in future?

* And much more

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