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28 June 2024

Catch up on all 2024 event content and Online project finance training

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Having exclusive access to our extensive library of 2024 content is a game-changer. Catch up on sessions from Global 2024 and more. Plus, elevate your skills and boost your team's performance with Proximo's online project finance training, ensuring you stay ahead in the project and infrastructure finance industry.

Access the latest insights from Global 2024

Starting with Global 2024, content from all 2024 events is now available to you as a subscriber.

Revisit keynotes, panel discussions, and presentations at your convenience including:

  • Keynotes from industry leaders: Hear from top professionals who share their vision and strategies for the future.
  • Expert panel discussions: Gain diverse perspectives from leading experts on critical issues facing your industry.
  • Data-driven presentations: Access in-depth analysis and market insights that can inform your strategic decisions.


Elevate your expertise with online project finance training

Proximo’s Online Project Finance Training, led by the experts at CC Solutions, is designed to integrate seamlessly into your busy life allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your schedule, empowering you to take control of your development.

What will you gain from the training?

  • Deepen your understanding and enhance your knowledge: Engage with new techniques and the latest best practices to develop your skills and further your ability to tackle complex challenges effectively. 
  • Stay competitive and ahead of industry trends: Ensure you remain knowledgeable and forward-thinking. Stay up to date with the latest developments and innovations to maintain a competitive edge and respond proactively to changes.


If you need any further support on how to access the library of content available as part of your subscription, please contact our Customer Success team today at customersuccess@exilegroup.com.

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