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23 October 2023

Webinar replay: Sustainable Finance for Digital Infrastructure

Telecoms and Communications
Proximo Intelligence in collaboration with ING hosted a live webinar on Sustainable Finance for Digital Infrastructure on 15th November 2023. View the key takeaways and register to watch the replay here.

Digital infrastructure has enormous potential to contribute to positive environmental and social outcomes in developed and developing markets. It has also been the beneficiary of heightened interest on the part of both debt and equity providers.

But incorporating sustainable concepts and language in financing digital infrastructure - particularly data centres - is an evolving practice. Investors want to ensure that developers and buyers have adequately incorporated sustainability into their engineering, business and financing processes. 

Power and water needs can create concerns for investors, but also opportunities for additional infrastructure development that can attract sustainable capital. Investors may also look to maximise the social impact of their investments.

Proximo, in association with ING, held a webinar on the application of sustainable finance techniques in digital infrastructure on 15th November 2023. Register to watch the replay for free here.

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Key takeaways:

  • The growing demand for digital infrastructure emphasizes the need for heightened awareness around sustainable practices.
  • Utility companies are actively transitioning towards alternative energy sources, yet encounter challenges in meeting the escalating demands for energy. This dynamic necessitates innovative solutions to bridge the gap.
  • Sustainability strategies are increasingly becoming standard practice across global industries, highlighting the shift towards environmentally conscious business operations.
  • There exists opportunities for collaboration between data centers and power project developers to address the growing demand for clean power. This partnership holds the potential to play a pivotal role in meeting the challenges posed by escalating energy needs.
  • Looking ahead, data centers can explore future opportunities such as public-private partnerships as digital infrastructure usage continues to proliferate.

Register to watch the replay for free here


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