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01 September 2021

US Infrastructure: The Bill and beyond

Contributing Editor
Social infrastructure, Transport, Waste and Water
WEBINAR: 9 September 2021 at 3pm UK/10am NY. The passage of an infrastructure bill through the US Senate has raised hopes for greater infrastructure investment. A look at whether private finance will be central to that wave of investment and the prospects for a second bill.

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Webinar Preview:

About the webinar:

The US infrastructure bill - the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) -  has yet to clear the House of Representatives, still less appear on the desk of President Biden. But following the bill’s passage through the Senate, the prospects are good for a $1 trillion wave of investment in US transport and renewable energy infrastructure.

If the bill becomes law the US is likely to experience large amounts of direct government investment in infrastructure, but the prospects for private infrastructure are more opaque. While the bill attracted bipartisan support in the Senate, much of that support came from making sure as many senators’ states got a share of the proposed funding as possible.

Still, there are several features of the bill that should give private investors heart, including an increase in the private activity bond cap, and some support for better P3 procurement processes at the state and municipality level. There is also likely to be increased support for passenger rail and transit projects, though both assets have a patchy history as P3s.

More importantly, perhaps, the bill embodies a more expansive definition of “infrastructure” than purely transport. In addition to support for water and rural broadband, the bill offers up serious support for energy transmission assets, including EV charging and battery supply chains, as well as a further boost to the Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office.

Does the Senate passage mean the prospects are good for a busier US transport P3 market? What are likely impacts on private investment in infrastructure more broadly? What does the bill mean for a faster energy transition in the US?

Joining Proximo are a group of experts in US infrastructure and renewables investment and financing to discuss the Bill’s significance and potential impacts.

Confirmed speakers:

Tom Nelthorpe, Proximo (Moderator)

Michael Whalen, managing director, Berkeley Research Group

Kent Rowey, partner, Allen & Overy

Carmen Wade, head of North America, Operis

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