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17 December 2020

The Proximo 2020 Festive Trends Round-up

Contributing Editor
Regulation, Covid-19, Energy, Market moves, Industry/manufacturing, Mining, Oil & gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Transport, Telecoms & communications
On-demand Webinar | Is it possible to assess the impacts of 2020 on the project, energy and infrastructure finance market? Probably not, but Proximo will try and make sense of a crazy year with its Festive Trends Round-up and Draft.

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Tom Nelthorpe, contributing editor, Proximo
Michael Whalen, managing director, Berkeley Research Group
Ian Cogswell, senior advisor, Portland Advisers, and founder, CCC Training
Jonathan Yellen,  managing director, Yellen and Co., and senior advisor, Coady Diemar Partners

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