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11 July 2024
Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining

Proximo Athens: H2 Green Steel's Zinsser on overcoming project complexities

H2 Green Steel (H2GS) pulled off one of the most significant pathfinder project financings of 2023 - the world’s first green steel mega project funding solution. Proximo...

28 June 2024

What next for Sonnedix?

With 1400-plus in attendance at Exile’s recent Global 2024: Export, Project & Development Finance event in Athens, traditional and financial project sponsors, and their...

27 June 2024

Four appointed to CIB Board

Canadian Minister Sean Fraser has announced four appointments to the Canada Infrastructure Bank's Board of Directors.Collectively, Janis Byrne, Elisabeth Hivon, Vince...

07 June 2024

Mongolia looks to kick-start wind market – again

Mongolia plans to deliver its first wind PPP via a competitive tender. The potential for wind development is strong, but will lender and developer appetite match it?

17 May 2024
Power, Social infrastructure

Financing last-mile connections in Africa

Low-income household energy projects in Africa are increasingly being financed via securitisation structures. The deals are relatively small, but the impact could prove...

03 May 2024

Market integrity and standardisation: shaping the rules of the voluntary carbon market

As the voluntary carbon market rapidly evolves, it is attracting further scrutiny and questions surrounding governance and quality control. By Nicholas Neuberger,...

26 April 2024
Telecoms and Communications

Data centres: The boom that keeps on giving

The data centre boom is moving to the next level with the advent of demand for AI. While liquidity is unlikely to be a problem, power and land constraints could be.

10 April 2024

Project Nujio’qonik passes provincial environmental assessment

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has released World Energy GH2’s Project Nujio’qonik from further Environmental Assessment.The project has now...

28 March 2024
Oil & gas, Renewables

Hanseatic Energy Hub: German banks appear to have gone AWOL

The future-proofed Hanseatic Energy Hub is a strategically important energy security project for Germany. So where are the German project banks?

19 March 2024
Social infrastructure

UK offers £4bn for infrastructure projects in Albania

The UK has offered £4 billion (about $5.07 billion) for medium to large-scale projects in Albania, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of...

29 February 2024

World Energy GH2 receives EDC support for hydrogen project

World Energy GH2 has secured a C$128 million (about $95 million) credit facility from Export Development Canada to fund a green hydrogen project in Atlantic...

23 February 2024
Power, Renewables

Tax credit transfer: New money magnet?

IRA-enabled tax credit transfer volume is picking up rapidly – attracting new and potentially deeper pools of liquidity for US renewables projects than traditional tax...

13 February 2024
Manufacturing & equipment, Power, Transport

Key funding considerations in gigafactory projects

As the global shift towards sustainable energy accelerates, battery gigafactories are becoming increasingly crucial for the energy storage and electric vehicle project...

09 February 2024
Oil & gas

Biden takes a pause

The pause on permitting for some US LNG projects is causing a political stink. But beyond the screams from the fossil fuel lobbyists, what immediate impact on the US LNG...

23 January 2024
Manufacturing & equipment, Renewables

H2 Green Steel Boden: Long on ambitions, low on emissions

H2GS was founded by Vargas in 2020 and launched in 2021. Three years later it has finalised funding for the world’s first green steel mega project. How? By being open to...

12 January 2024
Power, Renewables

Is Mexico about to turn the private sector project pipeline on again?

With President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) set to depart office in June, private sector appetite for Mexican projects is already beginning to make a comeback.

10 January 2024

Blue Wolf and Stonepeak complete Logistec acquisition

US investment firms Blue Wolf and Stonepeak have completed the $1.2billion acquisition of Quebec bulk-goods-terminal company Logistec.Logistec provides bulk, break-bulk...

14 December 2023

COP28: Progress - but not as we need it

Has COP28 really delivered the beginning of the end for fossil fuels? Probably not, and certainly not in the timescale required by climate science.

24 November 2023

US offshore wind: There's trouble at mill

Hiccups or long-term project stasis – can the US offshore wind market overcome the cost increases dogging its troubled birth?

07 November 2023

Power steering Saudi bus rapid transit PPP

In anticipation of a wave of bus rapid transit (BRT) projects across Saudi Arabia, Bracewell's Dubai team looks at the key features of BRT systems from a PPP structuring...