Proximo Infrastructure Risk 2021

Invitation-Only Virtual Event

Dec 9, 2021

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Proximo Infrastructure Risk 2021

Invitation-Only Virtual Event
Dec 9, 2021

This invite-only event is for developers, Governments, commercial lenders, funds, institutional investors multilaterals, ECA’s, insurance underwriters and brokers.

Pricing and allocating risk is at the heart of successful financings for energy and infrastructure assets. But risks are varied and evolve over time. Quantifying them, and successfully mitigating them, can present challenges even for experienced governments and lenders.

Risks are usually grouped according to the sectors and jurisdictions in which they are present. But many risks present common challenges wherever they are present - and can be mitigated with readily-available tools.

This meeting is essential viewing for developers and governments that want to make sure that their assets are resilient to external shocks. It will also be key for lenders that want to ask developers the right questions.

Proximo's one-day, virtual event will bring the industry together and provide attendees with a masterclass in the various categories of risk that are present on energy and infrastructure financings - and how to mitigate them. Sessions will be dedicated to the risk categories below, allowing time for questions and answers with the speakers.

Apply to attend today to guarantee your place. Note that attendance is capped.

The event will be organised by the following risk categories, each with its own session:

Construction risk
Political risk
Technology performance risk
Credit risk
Market risk
Counterparty risk
  Gameshow format - There’s Always A Deal   - Three real developers, three fake deals, four risk management specialists

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