Project & Infrastructure Finance League tables 2021

Proximo Data has finished analysing the project and infrastructure finance deal data submitted to us in 2021. We're pleased to be able to provide *updated league tables showing where financial institutions rank in terms of lending in different markets across the globe last year. 

Download your complimentary 2-part PDF today and see where your business ranks amongst the;

* Top 15 MLAs in project finance and infrastructure finance (part 1)

* Top 15 MLAs in the power and renewables sectors, and top 15 MLAs in transport, Social infrastructure and waste & water sectors - split by Infrastructure finance and Project finance (part 1)

* Top 15 MLAs in Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East & Africa - split by Infrastructure finance and Project finance (part 2) 

*The league tables reflect Proximo data submitted to us by the end of March 2022

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