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09 July 2020
Certified green, ECA, Renewables

European offshore wind: Moving outside the heartlands

Webinar: 9/7/20 10am EST/3pm UK. Offshore wind is taking off in France and Iberia, with the Mediterranean emerging as a major potential source of financings. This webinar...

30 June 2020
Infra funds, PPP/P3, Social infrastructure

US Student Housing: Facilities for the future

Webinar on-demand | 10am BST / 3pm BST. It's one of the hottest asset classes in social infrastructure. A look at the best short- and long-term investment strategies in...

23 June 2020

Puzzled by credit risk insurance? (part one)

Appetite for credit risk insurance (CRI) for project financings looks set to rise in the wake of fallout from Covid-19. In the first session of a two-part roundtable...

19 June 2020
Certified green, ECA, MFI/DFI, Renewables

African Renewables: Wind, solar, distributed assets and DFIs

On-demand webinar. As renewable finance goes mainstream in Sub-Saharan Africa, equity investment is getting easier to come by. But DFIs are still essential to getting...

19 June 2020
Covid-19, Energy

The Proximo Weekly Digest - Mexican renewables: Where sponsors go from here

The clock is ticking for sponsors to respond to Mexico’s recent anti-renewables moves. But there may be room to negotiate.

19 June 2020
Regulation, Oil & gas

Distressed and impaired oil & gas: Options for owners and lenders

Webinar: 30/7/20 11am NY/4pm London. With oil and gas prices suffering from depressed demand and threatened oversupply, some assets are starting to feel the strain. With...

16 June 2020
Certified green

The new hydrogen and storage economy

On-demand Webinar | Hydrogen remains popular as an energy storage medium, and is becoming an increasingly popular industry in its own right. This webinar looks at the...

12 June 2020

Asia Deals of the Year 2019: The winners' enclosure

This year's Asia Awards featured new technologies, new types of risk allocation and some impressive feats of multisourcing. With Asia coming back strongly, these are the...

11 June 2020
Certified green, Renewables

Mexican Renewables: Auctions and obstacles

On-demand Webinar | Mexico's wind and solar sectors have consistently produced bankable projects. But competition in auctions is intense, and state utility CFE is no fan...

04 June 2020
Infra funds

Optimising infrastructure assets: Financing brownfield and portfolios

On-demand Webinar | With base rates falling, what options are available to asset owners looking to improve the performance of their portfolios? This webinar will also...

01 June 2020
ECA, Infra funds, MFI/DFI, PPP/P3, Energy, Mining, Oil & gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Renewables, Telecoms & communications, Transport

Americas Deals of the Year 2019: The winners' enclosure

The market has spoken, and the winners have accepted their awards. 2019 brought together some big, complex and innovative transactions - sometimes all three at once. Here...

27 May 2020
Certified green, Regulation, Power, Renewables

Chilean power and renewables: Financing the energy transition

Webinar: 23/7/20 10am EST/3pm UK. Chile has long been the most reliable, competitive and low-cost power and renewables finance market in Latin America. Can it harness...

07 May 2020
PPP/P3, Social infrastructure

US solar: Tougher times ahead

Webinar: Solar developers in the US - and their offtakers - may have to get used to higher debt and equipment costs. With McDermott Will & Emery's Christopher Gladbach,...

22 April 2020
Certified green, Covid-19, ECA, MFI/DFI, Regulation

Can DFIs stretch to combating Covid-19 and climate change?

Development banks have been at the forefront of dealing with climate change. Now they’re in the front line of the Covid-19 response. Will the development finance...

09 April 2020
Regulation, Energy, Power, Renewables

Austin’s Power Bankers: Can they keep their mojo?

The good times are continuing in US power for now, with strong renewables activity compensating for slowing gas-fired volumes. Proximo asks the top lenders in the US...

02 April 2020
Oil & gas

Webinar: LNG's next generation developers and markets

Some of the traditional sources of demand for LNG are faltering. Where are the industry's new opportunities and are they bankable? Joining Proximo are Ian Cogswell,...

26 March 2020
Covid-19, PPP/P3, Regulation

Webinar: Project and infrastructure finance and COVID-19

What could be the short- and medium-term impacts of COVID-19 on financing markets for project developers and PPP concessions? Proximo hosts a webinar with David Baxter,...

17 March 2020
PPP/P3, Social infrastructure, Transport

Webinar: UK infrastructure - The budget and the future of private finance

The UK budget has promised huge spending on infrastructure, but much of that spending is not new, and COVID-19 may make other claims on government resources. Proximo...

17 March 2020
Certified green, ESG-tied debt, Regulation

What barriers to ESG in infrastructure credit ratings?

Major credit ratings have committed to incorporating ESG issues into credit analysis. But infrastructure credits present unique challenges. Proximo talks to S&P Global...

27 February 2020
Certified green, Renewables

CPPIB Renewables Europe: Making holdco the new normal

Institutional financings for holding company issuers are the new normal in German offshore wind, following CPPIB’s Talanx-led financing for its Hohe See and Albatros...