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07 May 2021

Proximo Weekly: D4 and after

Meridiam and Vinci have set the benchmark for future Czech roads PPP financings – and it’s a high one.

30 April 2021

Proximo Weekly: Rethinking the partnership in PPP

Post-Covid infrastructure stimulus plans are stacked high on civil service desks around the globe. But do both public and private sector need to change the way they look...

23 April 2021
PPP/P3, Social infrastructure

Proximo Weekly: Laying the foundations for GCC PPP

For the first time, PPP in the GCC looks set to take off in a meaningful way. But international project banks are surprisingly absent from the list of lenders to the...

09 April 2021
Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Uzbekistan powers up

Uzbekistan looks set to deliver some significant CCGT and renewables financings over the next 12 months, and a strong project pipeline for beyond the end of the year....

01 April 2021
Infra funds, MFI/DFI, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Where's the impact?

The pace of development of emerging markets mini-grid projects is picking up, and for good reason - the project fundamentals make sense. But the largely DFI-backed sector...

26 March 2021

Proximo Weekly: Don’t leave hydrogen to market forces

The list of planned hydrogen projects in the global pipeline is ballooning daily. But where’s the level of support from governments – regulatory and financial – that will...

12 March 2021
Infra funds, Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Are project CLOs finally going to take off?

Starwood’s project finance CLO debut has upped speculation again that the market could become more than a transaction every couple of years. In the US that might prove...

05 March 2021

Proximo Weekly: Size matters

The UK budget had a few more details on the new UK Infrastructure Bank. Given its size, can it provide the level of support and stimulus needed to pull in the amount of...

19 February 2021
PPP/P3, Renewables, Social infrastructure

Proximo Weekly: Turkish project deal flow - a steady drip feed

Lira depreciation, high inflation, sovereign ratings downgrades and pandemic economic fallout make for a very difficult market – but deals in some Turkish project sectors...

01 February 2021
Covid-19, Infra funds

Infra investment resilience: testing pandemic immunity

Recent changes to risk perception, perceived debt and equity appetite for certain infrastructure asset sectors and the growing ESG movement look set to outlast the...

22 January 2021
Regulation, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: A change of pace for US offshore wind?

With the recent change of US administration, the offshore wind pipeline is expected to start delivering major projects more quickly. But would-be developers are not...

17 December 2020

Proximo Weekly: Merry Christmas to all our readers

2020 may have been a year like no other for hurdles to getting deals done. But it has all been a demonstration of all that is best about the project finance market. Take...

04 December 2020
PPP/P3, Regulation, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms & communications, Transport

Proximo Weekly: Strong NIS signage – not enough detail

The UK's National Infrastructure Strategy (NIS) is a welcome set of ambitions and funding promises from the government. But it's more a schematic than detailed road map –...

27 November 2020
Telecoms & communications

Proximo Weekly: Fibre under the optic

Debt and equity appetite for the European FTTH market continues to grow. But is the debt market providing enough flexibility on covenants? And with France, Germany and...

13 November 2020
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Biden his time

Despite all Trump's propaganda, the new US administration looks set to take a collaborative approach with the oil and gas sector towards energy transition. Can Biden...

06 November 2020
Regulation, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: UnFiT for purpose

The French government is unilaterally pushing through retroactive cuts to solar FiTs agreed before 2011. Law firms look set for an unexpected Christmas gift.

30 October 2020
Infra funds

Finding certainty in an uncertain climate (part two)

In the second part of a two-part roundtable sponsored by AXA XL, we explore the changing perceptions of risk in the infrastructure market – from both CRI provider and...

23 October 2020
PPP/P3, Transport

Proximo Weekly: Switching tracks

As India takes its first steps to rail privatisation, the UKs rail private sector experiment is backtracking to nationalisation. Can either get the public-private sector...

21 October 2020
Infra funds

Finding certainty in an uncertain climate (part one)

The new normal has accelerated many pre-Covid investment trends, slowed others and left many asset managers with an imbalance of risk in portfolios that were built on old...

15 October 2020
Regulation, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: MAGA – Make America Green Again

He pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement, has been vocal in his climate change denial, removed many federal supports for renewables and even linked wind turbines with...