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08 October 2021

Proximo Weekly: Is China losing its infra finance grip?

With a potential focus by China on domestic stimulus via infrastructure, a retreat from the levels of BRI lending seen pre-pandemic and increased Chinese banks lending...

01 October 2021

Proximo Weekly: PFI handback – it could get messy

In the next decade 200-plus PFI contracts will end and the assets handed back to the state. It should be simple, but mistakes, lack of clarity and loopholes in early...

24 September 2021

Proximo Weekly: A Chinese solar TEESSer

China's first international non-recourse financing in the solar sector - it's a big claim for a small $80 million deal. But TEESS could yet prove to be the first of many...

10 September 2021
Funding, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: An ECA-backed gauge of project demand

Proximo’s sister publication TXF has issued its H1 2021 Export Finance Report on ECA-backed volume. The results give a flavour of the impact a year of pandemic stasis...

27 August 2021
Rules, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Hydrogen blues

The timing could not have been worse for the UK government. Just over a week after the publication of new academic research on blue hydrogen that undermines previous...

13 August 2021
Rules, Transport

Proximo Weekly: Can South Africa deliver a revitalised PPP market?

Published this week, South Africa’s draft NIP 2050 contains a strong statement of PPP intent. But the ‘how’ is conspicuous by its absence.

06 August 2021

Proximo Weekly: Turkey’s project funding problem solved?

New Turkish project bond legislation looks set to deliver at least some funding diversification for Turkish PPP projects. But the impact is unlikely to be as big as hoped...

16 July 2021

Proximo Weekly: What price infra?

There is a lot of fund money chasing operational infrastructure assets. But with many assets still hurting from pandemic fallout, is it the right time to sell?

02 July 2021
Rules, Sustainability

Proximo Weekly: EU ESG regulation – staying off the hook

European ESG-linked finance regulation is going to bite deeper and sharper in the very near future – and it will not just be looking at lenders and borrowers.

11 June 2021

Proximo Weekly: The best of Asia-Pacific 2020

Even at the height of the pandemic Asia produced some market firsts last year.

04 June 2021

Proximo Weekly: Spotlight on this year’s EMEA award winners

Despite a uniquely challenging 2020, dominated by the rejigging or full refinancing of existing project deals, innovation did not stop.

24 May 2021


Latin America comprises multiple and often very different domestic project finance markets where local knowledge is a prerequisite for best practice project delivery....

21 May 2021
Oil & gas, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: What does transition really mean?

Energy transition was one of many themes debated at Proximo Europe 2021 this week. The investment decisions are huge, politics muddied and the outcome by no means...

07 May 2021

Proximo Weekly: D4 and after

Meridiam and Vinci have set the benchmark for future Czech roads PPP financings – and it’s a high one.

30 April 2021

Proximo Weekly: Rethinking the partnership in PPP

Post-Covid infrastructure stimulus plans are stacked high on civil service desks around the globe. But do both public and private sector need to change the way they look...

23 April 2021
Rules, Social infrastructure, Waste and Water

Proximo Weekly: Laying the foundations for GCC PPP

For the first time, PPP in the GCC looks set to take off in a meaningful way. But international project banks are surprisingly absent from the list of lenders to the...

09 April 2021
Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Uzbekistan powers up

Uzbekistan looks set to deliver some significant CCGT and renewables financings over the next 12 months, and a strong project pipeline for beyond the end of the year....

01 April 2021
Funding, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Where's the impact?

The pace of development of emerging markets mini-grid projects is picking up, and for good reason - the project fundamentals make sense. But the largely DFI-backed sector...

26 March 2021

Proximo Weekly: Don’t leave hydrogen to market forces

The list of planned hydrogen projects in the global pipeline is ballooning daily. But where’s the level of support from governments – regulatory and financial – that will...

12 March 2021
Funding, Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Are project CLOs finally going to take off?

Starwood’s project finance CLO debut has upped speculation again that the market could become more than a transaction every couple of years. In the US that might prove...