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11 May 2022
Oil & gas

Petrochemicals: Next year's model

Is increasing petrochemicals price volatility going to force re-evaluation of past petchems project finance models? It already is.

06 May 2022

Proximo Weekly: Brazil street lighting – LED-ing the way in PPP

Brazil’s municipalities have made huge progress in procuring street lighting upgrades using PPP concessions. But project sponsors are only likely to need offshore capital...

22 April 2022

Logan and Chambers: Starwood’s coal retirement template

Starwood’s financing for the retirement of its Logan and Chambers plants marks an end to coal-fired power in New Jersey. It points to a workable compromise between...

11 March 2022
Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Deals of the Year 2021 Latin America: The winners podium

There is nothing new about using bonds to finance Latin American projects. But 2021 was the first year of bond dominance over bank debt across the major project sectors...

04 March 2022
Oil & gas

ANOPC: A partial sovereign solution

Egypt’s state-owned oil refiner Assiut National Oil Processing Company (ANOPC) sealed an innovative $1.5 billion ECA-covered loan to back the Assiut oil refinery...

25 February 2022
Oil & gas

Proximo Weekly: Will energy security accelerate transition?

Europe has had a wake-up call to energy security from President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine - a move that could and should spark the political will to radically...

24 February 2022

Rumichaca-Pasto: Vindication for Colombia’s 4G miniperms?

Sacyr and Sudinco have closed a refinancing for their Rumichaca-Pasto Colombian toll road concession that maximises leverage and features several structural tweaks on the...

18 February 2022
Other, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure

Proximo Weekly: Greek project finance on the mend

Since the country's financial meltdown, project finance lending in Greece has slowly made a comeback in tandem with DFI support for a growing renewable energy and PPP...

04 February 2022
Power, Renewables

Will the CCA project bond market go large?

The first high volume community choice aggregator (CCA) clean energy project revenue bond financings recently closed in California. Valued at a combined $2 billion-plus,...

07 January 2022

Proximo Weekly: Balancing transition

Will LBP be the first of many banks to totally withdraw from fossil fuels lending? And what will that mean for a controlled energy transition?

21 October 2021

Keeping the lid on Chilean transmission pricing

The InterChile bond refinancing set new benchmarks for sizing, pricing and tenor in Latin transmission. With governments under pressure to rapidly rewire their grids to...

10 August 2021
Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure

Unpacking US renewables

What do potential US tax incentives mean for renewable energy? David Gillespie, Partner, Mark Christy, Partner, and Andrea Herman, Associate, at Winston & Strawn...

02 July 2021

Proximo Weekly: EU ESG regulation – staying off the hook

European ESG-linked finance regulation is going to bite deeper and sharper in the very near future – and it will not just be looking at lenders and borrowers.

25 June 2021
Telecoms and Communications

Proximo Weekly: European fibre continues to deliver

The solid flow of European FTTH deals in 2020 looks set to be repeated in 2021. And according to a new report from Proximo Research, the demand for data shows no sign of...

30 April 2021
Metals and Mining

Mining: A different shade of green

The mining sector is becoming a new frontier for green finance, as lenders take a greater interest in ESG issues. While green finance in mining has the potential to...

19 February 2021
Renewables, Social infrastructure

Proximo Weekly: Turkish project deal flow - a steady drip feed

Lira depreciation, high inflation, sovereign ratings downgrades and pandemic economic fallout make for a very difficult market – but deals in some Turkish project sectors...

16 February 2021
Power, Renewables

Chile Electricity PEC: Passing on the savings

Chile froze consumer power prices in 2019, leaving power distribution companies with losses and unable to pass inflation and dollar indexation increases in traditional...

05 February 2021

Proximo Weekly: Offshore wind on steroids

The biggest offshore wind project financed to date, Dogger Bank A and B reset the financing volume benchmark for the offshore wind sector. With Dogger Bank C expected...

02 November 2020

Ocean's six?

With syndication closed on Fecamp in September, the sequel to Saint Nazaire last year, will project financings for France's remaining four feed-in tariff-based offshore...

30 October 2020

Finding certainty in an uncertain climate (part two)

In the second part of a two-part roundtable sponsored by AXA XL, we explore the changing perceptions of risk in the infrastructure market – from both CRI provider and...