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07 May 2019
ECA, Infra funds, MFI/DFI

Blended finance: Refloating an old idea with new capital

Much that is useful in blended finance is not new, and much that is new in blended finance is not useful – but the concept has captured the imagination of DFIs looking to...

03 May 2019
ECA, Oil & gas

RAPID: Putting G for gravy train and E for empty into ESG

The $15.3 billion RAPID project in Malaysia is nearing completion and financial close on $9.7 billion of partially ECA-backed facilities, with margins at record lows,...

30 April 2019

Size matters - but future market share can matter more

Akuo Energy's O’MEGA1 deal in late 2018 was one of a number of signals that floating solar (FPV) deals can be non-recourse financed. With large-scale FPV just a few years...

25 April 2019

Roads the rage again?

March’s financial close of the Autopista al Mar toll road concession is a very welcome step in the evolution of Colombia’s 4G highways PPP programme. So is the programme...

24 April 2019
PPP/P3, Transport

Structuring the Real infra deal

The first 100 days of new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s administration have not gone well – except for in the infrastructure sector, where promised concession...

17 April 2019

Scaling US battery storage

With levelised cost of energy beginning to favour renewables-linked storage over traditional peakers in the US, utility-scale storage is dawning. Regulatory change,...

10 April 2019
ECA, MFI/DFI, Power, Renewables

Buoyed by the black stuff

A statement on March 28 by Japan’s Environment Minister signals a potential change in the government’s pro coal-fired power policy. But domestic energy security issues...

03 April 2019

Nigerian solar: The path to bankability

There have been notable recent developments in the Nigerian regulatory and legal framework aimed at promoting investment in solar independent power projects (IPPs). But...

28 March 2019
ECA, MFI/DFI, Oil & gas

Pipeline politics

As the trans-Atlantic political debate over Nord Stream 2 gets nasty, those involved could not do better than take a lesson in commercial viability from the...

27 March 2019

Plus ca short change for French offshore wind?

Bids are in for France's third round offshore wind tender – the 600MW Dunkirk project which will be the first under the new CfD regime. Will lenders feel comfortable with...

21 March 2019

The deals, data and dynamics of a growing ECA-backed market

From JBIC ranking as the most active ECA in 2018 to another good year for ECA-backed shipping, the Export Finance Report 2018 does the number-crunching and analysis of...

20 March 2019
PPP/P3, Social infrastructure, Transport

The strange death of UK PFI

The UK government’s decision in late 2018 to abolish PFI was not unexpected. But lack of detailed government guidance on a viable alternative is already impacting...

15 March 2019

Can project finance live without Libor?

The London Interbank Offered Rate has served for decades as the benchmark for pricing project finance loans. But Libor is set to be replaced, and the implications for...

13 March 2019

German rail: Choosing the right track

The German passenger rolling stock market is beginning to produce opportunities for infrastructure lenders - albeit largely restricted to those with a German footprint....

11 March 2019

Beyond Libor: SOFR so good?

After Libor’s repeated missteps, a replacement rate - SOFR - is ready for roll-out. In part two of the Beyond Libor Series, Berkeley Research Group’s Michael Whalen looks...

07 March 2019

Beyond Libor: The rise and fall of a benchmark

Libor, the lynchpin for project and infrastructure financings, will soon be no more, and its replacement is untested. In the first of a two-part series, Michael Whalen, a...

07 March 2019
Regulation, Energy, Power, Renewables

The good, the bad and the ugly

The US power market can still rely on generous debt conditions - at least in the right regions. Transmission debuts with Tom Nelthorpe talking to Brian Armstrong at...

06 March 2019
Oil & gas

Mozambican LNG: Upping the financing pressure

Sponsors of two LNG projects in Mozambique are testing lender appetite and country limits with a potential $30 billion of combined debt to be financed by the end of 2019....

04 March 2019

Battery storage: Moving beyond Hornsdale

Hybrid renewable and battery storage system projects have been proven bankable following the first non-recourse deal in 2018, and the deal pipeline is expected to grow....

25 February 2019
Certified green, ECA, Infra funds, MFI/DFI

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