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05 April 2021
Funding, Rules, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Transport, Waste and Water

Project Finance in Latin America

Research Report: Project Finance in Latin America. Sponsored by TMF Group, this report presents the latest market trends in project finance in Latin America. Find out...

01 April 2021
Funding, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Where's the impact?

The pace of development of emerging markets mini-grid projects is picking up, and for good reason - the project fundamentals make sense. But the largely DFI-backed sector...

31 March 2021
Funding, Risk, Rules, Sustainability, Digital Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Metals & Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Transport, Waste and Water

Proximo Awards - The Americas Winners

In a 2020 that defied all gestures at normality, the market did not stand still. In fact, last year's Proximo Award winners kept climbing, and each one set a sector or...

30 March 2021
Digital Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Metals & Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Transport, Waste and Water

2020 Full Year Project Finance Data and Demo

Watch on-demand: We'll take a look at what happened to volumes and transactions in 2020, the impact of COVID-19, ranking the most active banks, sponsors and advisers, and...

26 March 2021

Proximo Weekly: Don’t leave hydrogen to market forces

The list of planned hydrogen projects in the global pipeline is ballooning daily. But where’s the level of support from governments – regulatory and financial – that will...

25 March 2021
Power, Renewables, Social infrastructure, Transport, Waste and Water

What cost Brexit?

Brexit has been largely overshadowed by pandemic economic angst in the UK infrastructure sector. The additional bureaucracy will mean additional cost, but quantifying how...

19 March 2021

Proximo Weekly: Once upon a time in the West

The Texas blackouts proved the R in ERCOT (The Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is a misnomer. What did ERCOT get wrong and can it be put right?

19 March 2021
Digital Infrastructure

UK FTTH: Rocks and roll-out

As the UK’s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) coverage expands, the government and regulators remain wholly intent on allowing a competitive, market-driven approach to dominate....

12 March 2021
Funding, Power, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Are project CLOs finally going to take off?

Starwood’s project finance CLO debut has upped speculation again that the market could become more than a transaction every couple of years. In the US that might prove...

08 March 2021
Funding, Oil & gas

Assiut expansion: Egypt’s bank-to-bank benchmark

Egypt’s $2.8 billion Assiut oil refinery expansion project is due to close an ECA-backed loan this year after pandemic-related delays to the deal. The project sponsor has...

05 March 2021

Proximo Weekly: Size matters

The UK budget had a few more details on the new UK Infrastructure Bank. Given its size, can it provide the level of support and stimulus needed to pull in the amount of...

26 February 2021
Funding, Power

Proximo Weekly: Degrees of separation

A challenge by the Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute (AFII) to Barclays and HSBC for their work on a recent JBIC bond issue marks a new front in the conflict over...

25 February 2021

Smaller and freer: Brazilian solar steals the renewables spotlight

A year of pandemic has accentuated structural changes to the Brazilian renewables market that began before 2020. Solar projects and the free energy market are where most...

19 February 2021
Rules, Renewables, Social infrastructure

Proximo Weekly: Turkish project deal flow - a steady drip feed

Lira depreciation, high inflation, sovereign ratings downgrades and pandemic economic fallout make for a very difficult market – but deals in some Turkish project sectors...

16 February 2021
Funding, Power, Renewables

Chile Electricity PEC: Passing on the savings

Chile froze consumer power prices in 2019, leaving power distribution companies with losses and unable to pass inflation and dollar indexation increases in traditional...

12 February 2021
Oil & gas, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: What the energy transition really means

Whether driven by the scientific evidence for climate change, the growing ESG-aware shareholder movement or basic economics, the world's biggest energy providers are...

10 February 2021

Bokpoort CSP: Benefits all round

The refinancing of Bokpoort CSP has set a number of precedents and benchmarks for South African IPPs. Will this be the deal that catalyses change and unshackles the South...

05 February 2021

Proximo Weekly: Offshore wind on steroids

The biggest offshore wind project financed to date, Dogger Bank A and B reset the financing volume benchmark for the offshore wind sector. With Dogger Bank C expected...

01 February 2021
Funding, Risk

Infra investment resilience: testing pandemic immunity

Recent changes to risk perception, perceived debt and equity appetite for certain infrastructure asset sectors and the growing ESG movement look set to outlast the...

22 January 2021
Rules, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: A change of pace for US offshore wind?

With the recent change of US administration, the offshore wind pipeline is expected to start delivering major projects more quickly. But would-be developers are not...