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01 June 2020
ECA, Infra funds, MFI/DFI, PPP/P3, Energy, Mining, Oil & gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Renewables, Telecoms & communications, Transport

Americas Deals of the Year 2019: The winners' enclosure

The market has spoken, and the winners have accepted their awards. 2019 brought together some big, complex and innovative transactions - sometimes all three at once. Here...

27 May 2020

The Proximo Weekly Digest - Love in a Warm Climate

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Donald Trump finally have common ground – a determination to make the world a considerably warmer place.

21 May 2020
Covid-19, Oil & gas

The Proximo Weekly Digest - Oil and Gas or Gas and Oil?

With major emerging markets LNG projects reaching financial close, and a potential gas price lifeline for US oil independents by 2021, is it time for a new balance of...

21 May 2020

EMEA Deals of the Year 2019: The winners enclosure

Proximo judges were looking for the most innovative, market influencing transactions within project financing in 2019. And here are our winners!

18 May 2020
MFI/DFI, Renewables

Tulu Moye: Getting up steam

With an RFP for an EPC contractor due to be issued next month, Darrel Boyd, CEO at TM Geothermal Operations (TMGO), outlines the progress and challenges of procuring and...

14 May 2020
Covid-19, PPP/P3

The Proximo Weekly Digest - Every silver lining also has a cloud

Infrastructure investment is being touted again as one of the keystones to getting the global economy back on track. But have we truly learnt from the infra finance...

11 May 2020
Oil & gas

Oil and gas: How bad can it get?

Although the price decks used by banks for reserves based lending guard against drops in the oil price, they cannot possibly account for the freefall of recent weeks. So...

07 May 2020
PPP/P3, Social infrastructure

US solar: Tougher times ahead

Webinar: Solar developers in the US - and their offtakers - may have to get used to higher debt and equipment costs. With McDermott Will & Emery's Christopher Gladbach,...

06 May 2020
Covid-19, Regulation

The Proximo Weekly Digest - Bullish in a china shop

Interest in project private credit risk insurance is on the up in the wake of Covid-19 – and insurers seem keen to respond.

06 May 2020
ECA, Transport

Abidjan Metro: From PPP to EPC

Initially launched as a PPP in 2013, Ivory Coast has decided to keep the Bpifrance-backed financing of the Abidjan Metro on the government books. Alain Descamps, chairman...

28 April 2020
Oil & gas

The Proximo Weekly Digest - Buoys for the black stuff?

How long can bank liquidity last for the oil and gas sector? Arguably, for many small to medium operators, only as long as current overdraft facilities and reserves-based...

28 April 2020

What's in storage

As the traditional energy markets experience unprecedented challenges, the ability for industrial batteries to strengthen the renewable proposition is thrown into sharp...

22 April 2020
Certified green, Covid-19, ECA, MFI/DFI, Regulation

Can DFIs stretch to combating Covid-19 and climate change?

Development banks have been at the forefront of dealing with climate change. Now they’re in the front line of the Covid-19 response. Will the development finance...

09 April 2020
Regulation, Energy, Power, Renewables

Austin’s Power Bankers: Can they keep their mojo?

The good times are continuing in US power for now, with strong renewables activity compensating for slowing gas-fired volumes. Proximo asks the top lenders in the US...

06 April 2020
Mining, Renewables

The odd couple: Financing mining’s renewables transition

The mining industry is slowly starting to switch over to more renewable forms of energy. A new kind of environmentally conscientious financing could help with that...

02 April 2020
Oil & gas

Webinar: LNG's next generation developers and markets

Some of the traditional sources of demand for LNG are faltering. Where are the industry's new opportunities and are they bankable? Joining Proximo are Ian Cogswell,...

31 March 2020
MFI/DFI, Power

Azito Phase 4: Still a DFI-only zone

Despite eight years passing since the original Azito financing and the project having a proven track record, the Azito 4 power plant expansion financing in Cote d’Ivoire...

26 March 2020
Covid-19, PPP/P3, Regulation

Webinar: Project and infrastructure finance and COVID-19

What could be the short- and medium-term impacts of COVID-19 on financing markets for project developers and PPP concessions? Proximo hosts a webinar with David Baxter,...

25 March 2020

Akita: A first of many on the Japanese offshore wind horizon?

A pathfinder deal for Japanese offshore wind, the recent Akita project financing did not benefit from Japanese regulation to cut red tape for offshore wind and managed to...

17 March 2020
PPP/P3, Social infrastructure, Transport

Webinar: UK infrastructure - The budget and the future of private finance

The UK budget has promised huge spending on infrastructure, but much of that spending is not new, and COVID-19 may make other claims on government resources. Proximo...