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01 March 2017

Is China serious about infra PPP?

The Chinese government says it wants to attract meaningful amounts of private capital to new infrastructure development. Both PPP and market structures make that...

28 February 2017

Turbine loans: Broken promise?

With US wind tax credits (PTC) being cut 20% year-on-year until 2019, the turbine loan market was expected to make a comeback. A trio of wind turbine loans under full PTC...

22 February 2017

Funding tap: GCC margins dip

Two years of tight regional bank liquidity and even tighter government budgets forced many Middle East state-owned borrowers into the ECA-backed and pre-export loan...

24 January 2017

Virgin Voyages: Start-up funding but not as we knew it

Fincantieri ended 2016 with final confirmation of the Virgin Voyages cruise ship order - a deal for a start-up backed by one of Sace's largest single cover cruise ship...

19 January 2017

OCTP: Vitol uses pricing clout for a rare long-term borrowing

A key project for Ghana and a direct lending first for UKEF – Vitol’s OCTP is rumoured to be tightly priced and partially financed under a fixed rate CIRR.

09 January 2017

Tangguh LNG 3: The start of a major new BP gas strategy?

The Tangguh LNG 3 financing was the major deal in the Asian oil and gas market last year. But more significantly, it marked the return of a global sponsor to expansion...

06 January 2017

Sangaredi: High tenor and pitch perfect

DFI loans and a rare untied UFK covered loan have enabled commercial banks to push the tenor on CBG’s Sangaredi mine expansion financing in Guinea.

04 January 2017

Yamal LNG: Multi-sourced, multi-priced, multiple sanctions

Financing for the Yamal LNG project is the highest profile demonstration to date of how Russian borrowers are adapting to EU/US sanctions.