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14 January 2022
Rules, Power

Proximo Weekly: UK nuclear back with RAB?

A new revenue model for UK nuclear looms. But will what has worked in UK water work for assets that suffer big cost overruns?

15 December 2021

Allego: Plugging EV into project finance

Allego has pulled off a second EV charging project funding first and got better debt margins and tenor second time around. But don’t expect a rush of hungry project...

26 November 2021

COP26: Looking beyond the headlines

The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) took centre stage at COP26. Although initiatives like GFANZ will unlock further capital for green infrastructure,...

07 October 2021

Montezano on BNDES: A different force for change

Gustavo Montezano, head of BNDES since 2019, was appointed to rejig the bank’s lending policies and development role. He has done so. Now he has plans for more change...

09 September 2021

Landcos: Flexibility or complexity for financing renewables?

More and more renewables developers are using landcos to separate the ownership of projects and the land on which they are sited. Could the benefits to project owners...

27 August 2021
Rules, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: Hydrogen blues

The timing could not have been worse for the UK government. Just over a week after the publication of new academic research on blue hydrogen that undermines previous...

26 August 2021
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

Can carbon capture be more than a cover for business as usual?

Carbon capture still needs to shake off the perception that it is unproven, expensive and has suspect ESG credentials if it is to be bankable. Its proponents claim that...

10 August 2021
Funding, Rules, Transport

Kekava Bypass: Template or PPP nameplate?

Last month Latvia’s pathfinder PPP project – Kekava Bypass – made it to financial close. But with a fully IFI-banked package, has it done enough groundwork to pull in at...

06 August 2021

Proximo Weekly: Turkey’s project funding problem solved?

New Turkish project bond legislation looks set to deliver at least some funding diversification for Turkish PPP projects. But the impact is unlikely to be as big as hoped...

30 July 2021
Oil & gas, Renewables

Proximo Weekly: NextEra’s innovative twist on transition financing

NextEra is using equity in existing gas assets as collateral for raising $1.7 billion of debt to fuel its US renewables project pipeline. No greenwash – just a realistic...

26 July 2021
Risk, Digital Infrastructure, Power, Renewables

Project finance: Renewables poised to drive the US market

Despite the pandemic diminishing tax equity supply, a combination of new initiatives under the Biden Plan and IRS support look set to accelerate US renewables development...

30 June 2021

Brazil's infra investment ambitions: Minister de Freitas talks shop

Brazil is doubling its infrastructure concessions target to BRL200 billion next year. In an exclusive interview with Proximo, Brazilian Infrastructure Minister Tarcísio...

16 June 2021

Living in the mainstream for battery storage

The last five years have seen a huge increase in the number of installations of battery storage systems – and an increase in financing volumes for the asset. Proximo asks...

10 June 2021
Funding, Sustainability

Will incentive issues stymie ESG ambitions for ECAs?

Is financing ESG-linked projects and exports going to be limited by what exporters and project financiers cannot do rather than what they can? How can (or should)...

21 April 2021
Metals & Mining, Renewables

The future's green, the future's Latin?

With net zero and energy transition given renewed vigour on the global political stage, Latin America is witnessing a surge of interest in green hydrogen/ammonia...

19 March 2021

Proximo Weekly: Once upon a time in the West

The Texas blackouts proved the R in ERCOT (The Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is a misnomer. What did ERCOT get wrong and can it be put right?

25 February 2021

Smaller and freer: Brazilian solar steals the renewables spotlight

A year of pandemic has accentuated structural changes to the Brazilian renewables market that began before 2020. Solar projects and the free energy market are where most...

05 February 2021

Proximo Weekly: Offshore wind on steroids

The biggest offshore wind project financed to date, Dogger Bank A and B reset the financing volume benchmark for the offshore wind sector. With Dogger Bank C expected...

01 February 2021
Funding, Risk

Infra investment resilience: testing pandemic immunity

Recent changes to risk perception, perceived debt and equity appetite for certain infrastructure asset sectors and the growing ESG movement look set to outlast the...

30 October 2020

Finding certainty in an uncertain climate (part two)

In the second part of a two-part roundtable sponsored by AXA XL, we explore the changing perceptions of risk in the infrastructure market – from both CRI provider and...