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Triple-sourced deal information – collated, checked and curated just for you.

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Banks, law firms, government departments and corporations submit their own deal data to us because they recognise the importance of accurate data reporting. Tagmydeals is amongst a small group of organisations trusted to receive this information.

Reported by the Proximo team

While reporting on the sector, our extensive editorial team analyse deals that have closed and cross check against submissions. We go directly to those involved and work with them to ensure all fields are complete and accurate so the deal can be accesible to all users.

Verified by the dealmakers

User-generated content comes direct from our subscribers who tag themselves on their deals. No one knows a deal better than the people that work on it, and we prompt them to confirm the accuracy of the data and provide extra information on the dea for the bigger picture.

This makes our deals data more transparent, more focussed and more accurate.

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